Merry Christmas! The nation’s most festive period is upon us – which means it's advent time! While children (big and small) open their advent calendars every morning, eating chocolate with their breakfasts, here at Cofinitive we’re taking the chance to reflect on the year almost gone by, in... Read More

HR Tech World Startup Competition

October 2017 sees our founder Faye Holland resume her role as emcee at HR Tech World, once again on the HR Tech World Startup Competition stage Having talked about innovation in HR technology for the last decade, Faye  is well placed as one of the preliminary judges who shortlist the final five... Read More

Cofinitive’s CSR Challenge

In business, as in life, what you do for and with others can be very impactful Whether you’re negotiating a deal or collaborating on a project such as this blog post, a little good will goes a long way At Cofinitive, albeit we’re only human (until AI start applying for jobs) and get carried... Read More