Time for a comms checkup? Come to the Cofinitive Clinic

Now more than ever businesses need to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing demands of the market, irrespective of which market your business appeals to, and doing this while running a business is challenging Juggling day-to-day activities with business development, teams often overlook... Read More

#OnetoWatch initiative showcases innovation

After months of research, Cofinitive’s #OnetoWatch initiative launched last month and has got off to a flying start As an entrepreneurial company itself, Cofinitive is compiling THE list of Ones to Watch A #OnetoWatch can already be doing great things or just about to start, the main criteria... Read More

#OnetoWatch The Ideas

Organisations, teams and people produce concepts and ideas of what they want to bring to the table and it’s these imaginative and ambitious concepts that shape our future, changing the way we look at technology and innovation today and beyond Being outside the box, bold and ambitious are key... Read More

What goes into making a successful business? Work experience guest post

An integral part of our Cofinitive ethos is being part of the 'Pay it Forward' community and giving back to society One of the ways in which we do this is by taking people on for work experience and internships, because for anyone looking at joining or changing their world of work, hands on... Read More

#OnetoWatch The ‘Things’

We started our hunt for both people and companies that deserve a place on their respective #OnetoWatch lists But for many it’s their invention, product or development – their ‘thing’ - in their field of expertise that has made them a #OnetoWatch A leader of innovation, the Cambridge... Read More

#OnetoWatch The People

Known as a region of innovation, Cambridge digital tech is twice as dense as the average cluster with 15,500 jobs and £24bn turnover according to the Tech Nation 2018 Report But success, innovation and turnover are nothing without people Behind the figures are bright, original and creative... Read More

#OnetoWatch The Companies

We had the delight of launching the Cofinitive #OnetoWatch campaign by announcing our new award category in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards and a new ongoing push to showcase homegrown innovation across our region So now the real work has begun We kicked off the search for... Read More

Cofinitive’s campaign to shine spotlight on the Ones to Watch across Cambridgeshire

At Cofinitive we’ve coined ‘Pants on Fire’ That’s the burning drive with which people on the brink of their next big thing want to achieve their goals and go even further We can’t take our eyes off people and teams with their Pants on Fire, with good reason They’re all ‘Ones to... Read More

Cofinitive captures the essence of #ConsultingRepurposed with CAP

CAMBRIDGE (5th March 2018) – The best kept secret of last year, Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP) has been taking business consulting by storm, challenging the status quo, and they needed their branding and image to match The agile boutique practice had a strong sense of identity,... Read More