What gets measured gets done – KPIs and you

As humans, often our goals are not achieved because we take our eye off them  This might be because business plans have changed, but more often it is because we are distracted from the most important objectives; it might mean following the shiny new thing, responding to other people’s... Read More

Productivity drops in May with 24 days of email mayhem – hello GDPR

You must have your head in the sand to have missed all of the chatter about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and no doubt your inbox already is more annoying than ever with boundless requests to update your preferences We do wonder whether GDPR will be like Y2K (for those who remember),... Read More

Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces

Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces to maximise women’s impact in Cambridge In 2017, there were more men named David (8) and Stephen (7) leading FTSE 100 boards than women (6)[1] In Cambridge there are a number of networks dedicated to helping women... Read More

Digital networking – How to make the most of attending events

We are all busy people and taking time out for a conference or networking event costs us time away from our ‘day job’ So, if you do make the time to attend an event, here are some ways to make the most digital impact from your time away from your desk Prepare in advance – follow the... Read More

Nicky Shepard joins award winning agency, Cofinitive, as it experiences exponential growth

Nicky Shepard, local business woman, brings marketing, events, PR, and public engagement experience to the team at Cofinitive In three years of trading, Cofinitive has been nominated for numerous awards and has also been recognised as a top ‘image maker’ in the region Exponential growth has... Read More