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Cofinitive announces campaign to shine spotlight on the Ones to Watch across Cambridgeshire

At Cofinitive we’ve coined ‘Pants on Fire’. That’s the burning drive with which people on the brink of their next big thing want to achieve their goals and go even further. We can’t take our eyes off people and teams with their Pants on Fire, with good reason. They’re all ‘Ones to Watch’. And it’s time we shine a spotlight on the Ones to Watch across Cambridgeshire.

To be forward-facing in our fast worlds of business, technology and society, you need to look beyond what’s current and turn to the Ones to Watch. Better yet, be a leader in an accelerating pace of change by becoming a #OnetoWatch yourself. You, your team, your technology or your ‘thing’ could shape the trends of the future by stepping out and following your own innovative vision, for everyone to see and follow in your wake.

To launch the #OnetoWatch campaign we are pleased to announce that we are supporting a new award in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. Faye Holland, Founder of Cofinitive said

“The inaugural Science and Technology Awards in 2017 showcased some of the good and great of Cambridge and the East of England and we are excited to be able to bring forward a totally new category for 2018 – the Ones to Watch Award. Our objective is to identify and showcase the people, businesses and products that will shape the future, and we can’t wait to be part of such a great initiative”.

The Ones to Watch award could be a significant advancement in an existing field, or the start of something entirely new. In every case, a #OnetoWatch needs to be full of potential that people should stand up and pay attention to – whether that be an individual, a business, a product – and just about anything you can think of that is driving innovation in our region.

We’ve started showcasing our Ones to Watch, beginning with the companies list. Five trailblazing companies have kicked off the first #OnetoWatch list and while we’ll continue building, we’re asking for your help. Take a look at the list below. Who do you want to see on it? We’re looking for 25 trend-setting companies to begin with.


PEOPLE – pending

IDEAS – pending

‘THINGS’ – pending

So get your thinking caps on and email us with your #OnetoWatch suggestions to OnetoWatch@cofinitive.com and we can add you to the list.