Our team

Who co-creates & delivers our high impact marketing communication and engagement programmes?

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

- Steve Jobs


Any company’s biggest asset is its internal teams. Its people. Cofinitive has worked with major brands on their employee engagement strategy and likes to practice what it preaches by only having the best as part of their team.

We firmly believe in the development of future generations in the workforce, and the retraining of those who have had a career path change – as such you will, more often than not, see someone on some type of work experience in the Cofinitive office.

And as well as the core team, Cofinitive also has an extensive global network of experts in its armoury, so are happy to BYOT (bring your own team) as clients’ requirements dictate.

Faye Holland

You’ll find Faye at the helm, leading clients into the unchartered waters of disruption, innovation and individuality with her decades of experience. A Northern lass at heart, Faye has an unapologetically direct approach that sees her deliver. Hold on to your hat, Faye is your guide through whirlwinds of change for results you couldn’t have even dreamed of.

What's your favourite animal? Robin

Gabrielle Hibberd

As a keen wordsmith, Gabrielle crafts everything from tweets to press releases and blogs for clients to share their message with audiences far and wide. Gabrielle is highly flexible, taking to clients from a range of industries like a duck to water. Whatever it is you want to say Gabrielle can help – even if you’re lost for words, she won’t be.

What's your favourite animal? Hedgehog

Heidi Roberts

While Cofinitive focuses on corporate communications, it’s Heidi who keeps us going in the back office. With a head that works like a calculator, Heidi is our serial number cruncher. She works diligently with digits and is punctual with decimal points. Heidi makes sure the business keeps running whilst we are being creative.

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Kevin Upson

With a career in an industry that started before many knew what it was, Kevin is a meticulous individual with expertise in web development. His skills span flash animation, database integration, e-commerce and SEO. Kevin works with Cofintive to translate clients’ ideas into user-friendly, impressive and attractive websites with custom code.

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Manon Raja

Manon started her time with Cofinitive on a one-week placement. After showing us the skills and attitude that Cofinitive thrives on, Manon was welcomed back for more time with us. She has been working together with the team on genuine projects, giving her an insight into how her studies could help and shape her future career.

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Nicki Hayes

Nicki is passionate about sharing the strengths of people and organisations with the power of storytelling. Her career has seen Nicki work with both public and private sectors in fields including publishing, PR consultancy and IT journalism. Nicki draws on her experience to help clients create unique, relevant and authoritative content with SEO know-how.

What’s your favourite animal? Elephant

Rolando Ugolini

As a designer, illustrator and photographer Rolando is a creative, capable of turning his hand to anything. Rolando’s work covers the full spectrum from logo and style guides, through to broad ranging collateral, corporate exhibition work and more. If you can think it, Rolando can design it.

What’s your favourite animal? Alien


If you ever visit our office, be ready to say hello to Tilly! She’s our visiting office dog. Often found relaxing in her bed, Tilly is the friendly face and wagging tail that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Tilly is a valuable member of the team as the embodiment of something very important – employee engagement.

What’s your favourite animal? Doggies!

Could this be you?

Our work at Cofinitive is diverse and dynamic, and so too is our team. With new opportunities on the horizon we are always on the lookout for individuals who share our values. Whether you see yourself in our existing skill set or feel you can offer us something new, there’s only one way to answer ‘could this be you?’. Introduce yourself and ask.

Work Experience

The Pay It Forward community is fundamental to the way Cofinitive works and one of our focuses is the next generation of workers. We support students by speaking at schools and running work experience. Our aim is to gently introduce young people to the world of work. Get in touch if you or someone you know is interested in doing work experience with us.