The #21toWatch list will be divided into innovative and trailblazing people, companies and ‘things’ that are en route to being industry game-changers locally, nationally and globally.

This list represents the companies across Cambridge and the East of England that meet a defined set of criteria.

The list is updated on a rolling basis throughout the year, with the official nomination window open between 1st November and 31st January. The shortlist will be announced in February, with the Top.21 unveiled on the first Thursday in March.

Always the longest list, here is the #21toWatch Companies list (in alphabetical order):

Longlist Shortlist Top.21 Name Synopsis

Arete Medical Technologies

Hardware and software for precision, personalised and preventative management of chronic diseases


Leading the world in blind audio signal separation from multi-microphone audio

Biofidelity Ltd

Provides high performing novel molecular assays for the sensitive detection of low-frequency genetic mutations

bit bio

Enabling a new generation of cell therapies, providing the best human cells for research and drug discovery, and allowing the control of advanced synthetic biology circuits for biomanufacturing

Blueshift Memory

Created a model for a computer memory chip that could make some data operations 1,000 times faster

Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Building software for data-driven precision oncology

Cambridge Touch Technologies

Transforming how smart devices are used, making them more convenient and useful in everyday life

Closed Loop Medicine

Improving patients' lives by creating closed loop models of care


Remote sensing technologies and advanced analytic systems for smart infrastructures

Echion Technologies

Building next generation Li-ion batteries to power the future of e-mobility


Ultra-narrow border organic LCD using organic thin film transistors for flexible screens

Focal Point Positioning

Creating innovative advances in the fields of positioning, navigation and timing, both indoors and outside

Genomics PLC

Applying breakthrough machine learning algorithms that use genomics data at scale to learn directly about human biology


A unique AI method for training neural networks from incomplete data sets

Making mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open AI solutions


Platform which connects farmers, agronomists and procurement managers to manage their supply chains efficiently

Meteor Inkjet Ltd

Leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet print head driving solutions

Nu Quantum

Developing ground-breaking quantum hardware components and end-to-end quantum cryptography systems

Outfield Technologies

Platform for gathering, analysing and viewing the data you need to manage your orchard effectively

POCKiT Diagnostics

New blood test to diagnose potentially fatal strokes


To enable better treatment and outcomes for patients with chronic immune-mediated diseases


Crisps from Cambridgeshire in exotic flavours

Shift Bioscience Ltd

Pre-clinical biotech company targeting the root cause of aging to extend healthy lifespan

Sutherland Partners Ltd

Aid to birthing cattle (ABC) is the only non-surgical, non-drug based product that faciliates natural birth in cases of dystocia (problems with birthing)

Velocity Commerce

Turning brands into category leaders on Amazon and eBay

VNC Automotive

VNC Automotive creates the technology which links cars to smartphones and the cloud


Pioneering artificial intelligence software for self-driving cars

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We are also looking for the people and ‘things’ who could be a #21toWatch Top21.