Cofinitive shortlisted in East Cambridgeshire Business Awards

Cofinitive are finalists in two categories of the East Cambridgeshire Business Awards; Business Person of the Year (Faye Holland) and Small Business of the Year (Cofinitive) The 2018 Ely Standard East Cambridgeshire Business Awards are a celebration of the diversity that flourishes in this... Read More

Allia partners with Cofinitive for Serious Impact

Allia has chosen Cambridge communications consultancy, Cofinitive, to deliver the social media workshops as part of their Serious Impact programme Allia offers enterprise support through their Serious Impact programme, which aims to help innovators go from ideation to incubation and growth,... Read More

Albi’s Work Experience Podcast

July 2018 - Albi Holland, a 15-year-old student from Bottisham Village College, came to Cofinitive for work experience and completed a project called #AskAlbi This was a Twitter chat on Thursday 12th July, where people tweeted Albi questions about anything and between 12pm and 1pm Albi took... Read More

Time for a comms checkup? Come to the Cofinitive Clinic

Now more than ever businesses need to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing demands of the market, irrespective of which market your business appeals to, and doing this while running a business is challenging Juggling day-to-day activities with business development, teams often overlook... Read More

#OnetoWatch showcases innovation

Fuelled by months of research, the #OnetoWatch is underway and as an entrepreneurial company itself, Cofinitive is compiling THE list of Ones to Watch A #OnetoWatch can already be doing great things or just about to start, the main criteria is the potential to go on to even bigger and better... Read More

What gets measured gets done – KPIs and you

As humans, often our goals are not achieved because we take our eye off them  This might be because business plans have changed, but more often it is because we are distracted from the most important objectives; it might mean following the shiny new thing, responding to other people’s... Read More

Cofinitive launches campaign to shine spotlight on the Ones to Watch

If you want to know everything there is to know about the #OnetoWatch initiative, head to the #OnetoWatch hub At Cofinitive we’ve coined ‘Pants on Fire’ That’s the burning drive with which people on the brink of their next big thing want to achieve their goals and go even further We... Read More

Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces

Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces to maximise women’s impact in Cambridge In 2017, there were more men named David (8) and Stephen (7) leading FTSE 100 boards than women (6)[1] In Cambridge there are a number of networks dedicated to helping women... Read More

Digital networking – How to make the most of attending events

We are all busy people and taking time out for a conference or networking event costs us time away from our ‘day job’ So, if you do make the time to attend an event, here are some ways to make the most digital impact from your time away from your desk Prepare in advance – follow the... Read More