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The Clarity Hunters

We use ‘One-Voice’. We keep it short & simple.

At Cofinitive, each and every one of delivers clarity in all we do. In so doing we can help you to communicate with impact. Of course, anyone involved in the business of communicating knows to seek clarity, to identify a clear tone of voice and to keep all messages as short and simple as can be. Doing so is in Cofinitive’s DNA. We eat, sleep and weep – yes weep – clarity. In fact, we’ve developed our ‘One-Voice’ approach to create a culture of clarity, ensuring all communications are on message, in tone and able to withstand the increasing pressures of social media and citizenship journalism.

So how does Cofinitive deliver clarity?


  • Create an environment within client meetings where everybody is given the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas
  • Simplify how ideas are articulated to ensure everyone can relate to them
  •  incorporate these ideas into a set of actions
  • Apply our One-Voice approach to identify a clear tone of voice with which to communicate agreed and clearly phrased key messages
  • Design and implement campaigns, ensuring the newly-found clarity is communicated with those who matter
  • Ask our clients and ourselves, at every step along the way: “Could we say it simpler? Quicker? Could we make it more memorable?”

In short – we use One-Voice and keep things short and simple.

From brochures to web copy, strategy documents to instruction books, training manuals to training days and social media to traditional media – we can help.

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