We deliver projects and retained work for a fascinatingly diverse and high impact list of clients


We love what we do. We love what our clients do.

We love working with clients who have a specific project, programme or initiative to achieve and show a real desire to succeed within their own organisation.

As we say at Cofinitive, if your ‘pants are on fire’ to succeed, ours are too, and together we can co-create great things.

It’s hard to give an A, B, C for spotting passion; when you have decades of experience and a team who get it – you just know it when you see it.

There is generally an initial stakeholder whose proverbial pants are on fire about a specific issue. And then, when you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear there are other stakeholders who want the project to succeed too – they just need taking on a journey of action.

Find out how why we value passion so much on our blog article

Do you have a communication or engagement project you need turning around quickly, by people who understand the urgency and feel the passion?


Are your pants on fire?

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"Your team members were all truly passionate about your relationship driven, collaborative approach. They listened intently and really captured what we’re about, distilling it to its essence, identifying our ‘one-voice’ and leveraging your external and our internal strengths and skills to amplify it. And, because what we captured together is authentic – it worked. You understood us – and continue to do so."

- Charles Cotton, Founder, The Cambridge Phenomenon