We can help you create a corporate culture & brand that captures your vision, values & voice & engages all your stakeholders


A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is.

- Scott Cook, Co-Founder, Intuit

What is branding?

So many companies start to build a brand right after they decide that they want to start a business. They believe that all they need is a logo, website and colour scheme.

They’re wrong …

Branding is about so much more than clever logos, straplines and colour schemes. It is about building a culture that reflects your vision and ensures that everything your organisations does, says and makes reflects your corporate values.  Critically, it is also about how you execute it too.

To summarise: your brand is how your employees and clients experience you and your products and services. It is the soul of your business.

How does Cofinitive work with clients on branding related projects?

We work with you to nail your vision, mission, values, tone of voice, proposition and brand essence. We craft them to ensure clarity and consistency. We do so with the intention of conjuring a positive reaction whenever a customer or stakeholder hears your name. We then set to work creating a range of relevant brand assets, depending on your needs.

We firmly believe that “if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one” and we practice what we preach.

Each project is unique and evolves according to the client’s particular needs. However, whether we’re helping you launch, rebuild or renew your brand – our goal is always maximum impact and our proven ‘one-voice’ approach helps us help you to get your brand seen, felt, heard and remembered for all the right reasons.

Your brand is how your employees and clients experience you and your products and services. It is the soul of your business. Want help protecting yours? Get in touch

Founder Faye Holland was instrumental in turning a group of outsourcing practitioners, analysts and providers into an innovative European knowledge community. She helped facilitate an ambitious agenda and followed through on its requirements by managing the progress, organizing regular meetings and meaningful events and, last but not least, kept everyone committed, involved and motivated. You can only do that if you're committed, involved and motivated yourself."

Synco Jonkeren, VP HCM Product Management & Product Development - EMEA, Oracle Corporation