We can help you integrate all your communication channels: internal, external, citizen, stakeholder, marketing & HR - traditional & social


If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

- Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science

What do we communicate?

We communicate consistency consistently across all platforms and channels. We communicate marketing strategy, HR and engagement strategy and citizenship and stakeholder strategy. We communicate online and offline via traditional, digital and social media. And we do all this with clarity.

We’re passionate about doing so because we see far too often how many companies are being held back by inconsistent marketing approaches. Sure, their approaches used to be consistent. Then the broad scale adoption of social media took them off guard.

You’d be surprised at how many companies have been unable to stay in control of their messages because they’ve either failed to design an integrated marketing approach, or to build and maintain the right mix of communications. You’d be delighted by how easy this can be to remedy once you’ve identified your ‘one-voice’.

How does Cofinitive work with clients on communication related projects?

The Cofinitive team includes planners, creators and promoters. We understand old-school marketing and how to blend the best of it with the best of the new.

Our clients will attest that Cofinitive is a welcome addition to deliver on short to medium term campaigns alongside your established team. For start-ups we can provide an end-to-end marketing solution too. We cover the entire marketing communications spectrum – from content development (including ghost-writing), campaign management, website programmes, PR, advertising, event management and social media.

We execute your communications on time and to budget. So much so that many of our clients, having started out with a small project, go on to secure Cofinitive as their outsourced marketing department on a retained basis.

One-voice. That’s all you need if you want your corporate communications to be resilient to change and external challenges. We can help. Get in touch!

In addition to her broad Marketing acumen, Founder Faye Holland contributes an energy, enthusiasm, creativity and a great sense of urgency into any work team. She's an uncompromising professional who inspires her co-workers to new heights. Faye is brimming with ideas, but also has the skills and experience to carry those ideas to successful completion. I especially recommend Faye for Marketing roles that require a tenacious change agent. She's got what it takes to get the job done!"

Ed Cleaver, Marketing & Management Consulting Leader, Ed Cleaver LLC