We can help with your communication audits, stakeholder planning & ongoing marketing, communications, internal engagement and stakeholder strategies


Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan

- Ellie Pidot, Vice President of Global Strategy and Channel Management, Medtronic

What is strategy?

A strategy is a plan for obtaining a specific goal. All strategies benefit from being clearly communicated and we work with clients:

  • To ensure the different parts of their business strategy are integrated and communicated in ‘one-voice’
  • To design and deliver communication strategies related to all parts of their business plan

Our clients understand that a great communication strategy is integral to their business plan. They know that great communication strategies motivate, inform and stimulate change. They trust our team to work with them so that they can be assured of clarity and consistency across everything they say and do.

Good communication strategies consider the viewpoint of all stakeholders – customers, employees, citizens, board members and other influencers.

They really can make the difference between success and failure.

How does Cofinitive work with clients on strategy related projects?

We work alongside you as a strategic business partner. We provide direction, input, proven tools and techniques, and leadership. With expertise from start-ups through to large corporates, from niche to mainstream, micro to macro and local to global, we can work according to your specific needs – both now and in the future.

We will work with your leadership team to ensure that your strategic communications plan is in line with your business objectives. This might require prioritising a list of potential areas to improve, analysing the competitive situation, determining resource requirements, managing stakeholders and selecting the communications that will be most effective for your company at the given-time.

We can help you formulate and integrate your business, marketing and engagement strategies. We can help you communicate them in ‘one-voice’. Why not get in touch for an obligation free chat?

I worked with Founder Faye Holland while being a board member and then Chair of the HR Outsourcing Association, an independent trade association. Faye was our Executive Director. She drove the business of the association, both between and within board meetings. Much of the progress we made was down to her vision and commitment to get things done and her ability to get others to do things for her. She showed considerable poise in doing this role, handling multiple difficult situations with tact and diplomacy. She also showed real integrity, not allowing her own company's commercial interests to cloud the business of the association, which was important in building credibility."

Tim Palmer, Head of Service Development - Global Business Services, Novartis