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HR Tech World Startup Competition

October 2017 sees our founder Faye Holland resume her role as emcee at HR Tech World, once again on the HR Tech World Startup Competition stage. Having talked about innovation in HR technology for the last decade, Faye  is well placed as one of the preliminary judges who shortlist the final five participants each event. Extending from this, and to really support the startups, Faye produces blogs on the competition finalists and runners-up on behalf of HR Tech World.

Each interview will be on the HR Tech World blog but here’s the quick list of the competition top 5 and runners-up, and links to the blogs:

Top 5


Follow Faye as she takes to the stage at HR Tech World on Twitter at @FayeHollandUK using #HRTWStartup and check out the agenda here.

And if you want a quick look at everyone in the incredible #HRTWStartup zone, here is the summary Who’s Who blog!