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#OnetoWatch showcases innovation

Fuelled by months of research, the #OnetoWatch is underway and as an entrepreneurial company itself, Cofinitive is compiling THE list of Ones to Watch.

A #OnetoWatch can already be doing great things or just about to start, the main criteria is the potential to go on to even bigger and better things. This gives start-ups, emerging organisations and established firms a golden opportunity to be profiled in the region’s science and technology spotlight for something that is, or could be, ground-breaking.

Faye Holland, founder and director of Cofinitive, says “We’re very excited to lead this #OnetoWatch initiative. There are so many amazing things happening across the region and we are enjoying seeking out those hidden gems and bringing them to light. #OnetoWatch has got off to a great start – we are currently sifting through 198 submissions and are continuously updating the lists to reach the top 25 for each category. But this is just the tip of the iceberg; we want people to share their Ones to Watch with us, to tell us who they think should be on the list as we facilitate the annual listing.”

While a #OnetoWatch can be almost anything, Cofinitive has mapped out four groups to classify them: companies, people and ‘things’. Each group has its own list which is both broad and varied. See who’s made the lists so far with the links below. Have we missed something? Let us know!




Faye continues, “As well as highlighting deserving innovators, we’re also helping the wider business network. We’re giving mentors and investors alike a shortlist of high-potential talent, making it easier to spot potential, which clearly benefits the innovators too. It’s a fantastic outcome of the #OnetoWatch lists and makes it all the more worthwhile for anyone considering putting themselves or someone else forward.”

So get your #OnetoWatch nominations in! Tell us who your Ones to Watch are by emailing us at OnetoWatch@cofinitive.com or post on Twitter to @Cofinitive #OnetoWatch.