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4 tips for women in the workplace

During the workshops I attended at the 2014 WIN Conference, we had an excellent refresher on some of the things we simply need reminding of occasionally. So here’s my quick potted version of what some inspirational leaders shared! My 4 tips for women in the workplace:


Optimize your presence!

Accept “you are what you are with a little tweaking”

First impressions ALWAYS count – we believe our assumptions are reality and every encounter is beginning of a relationship so make it a good one.

Know what you are recognised for and stick to it (see the next section)

Don’t use statements that question your authority like ‘I think’. Instead be definite, certain and use instead words like ‘I believe’, ‘I’m certain’ etc (and for heaven’s sake don’t laugh at the end of sentence unless something really is hilarious!)

Watch your facial expressions – this is one that I know too well – my “thinking face” is the same as my “frowning face”!


Be ready with your best pitch, here’s two great tactics for finessing your story!

WOW – say something intriguing

HOW – answer how you do it

NOW – tell a pertinent example


Situation – “if we don’t embrace……”

Impact – “this will happen….”

Resolution – “but we are and this is how…”


You have just got to trust me on this one – if you’ve never tried this stuff before the give it a go – you may be surprised!!

Circles and squares – for strength, put yourself in a big visual bubble (preferably pink) – put your nemesis in tiny little boxes.

If you are in a stressful situation look for something round – a light, a cup – and focus. Circles make you more positive.

If you feel the need for a boost, sing the alphabet with positive words A to Z –you’ll feel a bit of an idiot to start with but it’s bizarrely therapeutic


Are you an apprehensive networking – use these ideas.

Look at the guest list – do you know someone you can hunt out?

Is there someone from a company that you know?

Look for people at the edge of the room – what’s out of the window, is there a painting around you can break the ice with?

Offer a compliment.

Talk about the last speaker.

Remember everyone is in the same boat so why isn’t it you that breaks the ice?

And my own favourite networking lesson, unless you are a serial business card collector, a couple of really good contacts are all you should be looking for!

Inspired with thanks by: –
Laurel Herman, Managing Director, Positive Presence
Louise Mita, President and CEO, The Art of Energy
Gabriela Mueller, Professional Communications Coach, Powerful Change Coaching
Amy Carroll, Coach Trainer Speaker, Carroll Communication Coaching