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A view of HR Tech – Part 1 of 3

The HR tech market is never a dull place and with over 60 sponsors from global to local, large to small, broad to niche, there is more than enough for everyone’s view of HR Tech at this year’s HR Tech Europe event.

The sponsors were invited to tell us something interesting about themselves and when the answers came through it was very clear that they had a lot to say about their view of HR Tech. So with this in mind this is the first of 3 posts with content from the sponsors.

This one focuses on what they are trying to address through their solutions and technologies, and as Michael Grimm, Ingentis says “You can find innovative solutions {at HR Tech}, which you wouldn’t even have thought about looking for on the web.”

What’s keeping the providers up at night?

Oracle’s challenge to HR is clear – with productivity flat-lined in UK Plc, more is needed to improve our economy and one way of doing this is to improve our collective performance and output. Businesses need to foster creativity and innovation, enhance collaboration, build employee engagement and ensure that the talent in our organisations is developed and optimised. No big ask, but who better that the HR profession to provide the answers!

Pluralsight is making a significant contribution to closing the well documented global IT skills gap – a problem that limits business growth and curtails economic growth. IT Developers, IT Professionals and creative professionals either source their training individually or companies spend thousands of pounds sending individuals on 5-day course which is hugely disruptive to their businesses. Technology changes on a daily basis so trying to keep your teams up to date is a costly challenge but with Pluralsight you give your people access to over 4000+ courses written and delivered by the top speakers/authors around the world thus accessing what they need, when they need it and at the same time saving thousands of pounds in the process.

Workforce Solutions understand the of issues that contribute to a significant drain on HR professionals’ time and energy—and, even more, they take time away from other high-priority responsibilities, like recruitment and talent management. By fixing the issue of being trapped by so much administrative work, they want to see companies increase efficiencies while cutting labour costs and freeing their HR managers to work on tasks more directly tied to moving the business forward.

Anyone who has been up late at night struggling with Excel and PowerPoint knows the challenges of dealing with workforce data and working to tight deadlines. OrgVue (one of 3 HR Tech Europe Blog Squad Notable companies to watch) connects data and visuals to make the process of handling data seamless and even enjoyable! All of a sudden it becomes easier to tell powerful stories with people data. “Helping practitioners get on top of their organisational data means they can they get the answers they need and focus on making the right decisions whether it’s workforce planning, transition management or organisation design.” Says OrgVue Director, Giles Slinger. “Until recently HR has focused on day to day obligations to provide a core service to the business. Our solution along with others coming onto the market are helping HR become a strategic partner for businesses by providing a combination of analytics insight and organisational modelling capabilities. “

The question of innovation is a recurring one. Even though most companies tout innovation, most HR teams will say that the majority of their time is spent on tasks that simply “keep the lights on.” Jen Stroud, General Manager HR Applications at ServiceNow (Stand 202) says “If HR can automate its mundane, repeatable tasks, then it can finally focus on delivering real value-add services to the organization. It’s about helping HR move from the back room to the board room where they are no longer seen as simply a cost centre.”

“It is no secret that a very large majority of employees feel disengaged at work. Whether it is learning and development, or performance management, or self-service HR, gamification can play a big role in making HR more effective and engaging.” Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO, eMee

Nick Adams, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA, PageUp warns that “there are many all-too-similar looking HR Technology solutions available nowadays and it can be rather confusing to make a logical and informed decision which will be the best fit for the client’s business. One area often overlooked is the service element that goes with the technology itself.”

So what’s worth having a look at this week?

If your challenge is to build a strong employer brand for total benefits and compensation you need to speak with Benify (stand 102, ask for Leo Heijbel). With their ‘really smart portal’ for handling benefits and total compensation they save HR both money, time and headaches using real cases from a number of Fortune 500 companies with 800,000 users.

Ingentis Managing Director, Michael Grimm (stand 105) helps HR to visualize all the data they have and then make use of that data. He challenges the delegates “There’s more than just the global players everyone knows about. Smaller vendors usually have the more innovative solutions, which doesn’t mean that they are not reliable partners. Hopefully the delegates will meet and remember a few ones and give them a chance.”

Produce engaging interactive content and increase staff development and training with UbiCast. Sarah Westall (stand 110) explains that Ubicast offer “a high-quality product that allows users the ability to create Rich Media content and share it live or on-demand”. Imagine being able to record any presentation and then share is with an unrivalled easy-to-use approach for end-users, whilst still offering expert tools and features for integrators and administrators. From higher education through to organisations with regular training and communications needs, EasyCast is a unique tool for eLearning and eCommunications projects.

Zucchetti brings an experienced and innovative voice in the European HR & workforce management market to small and mid-sized businesses. They offer a portfolio which includes Workforce Management, Labor Scheduling (based on sophisticated roster), Time & Activity Management, Time & Attendance and Leave Management, Travel Booking and Expense Management and Talent. Reka Ujj explains “The first goal we pursue, is to make workforce management and employee engagement easy, simple and pleasurable to our clients. Technology shouldn’t be a pain!!!”

According to Brynne Herbert, CEO and Founder of MOVE Guides (Stand 604) “talent mobility is the next frontier in HR Tech”. MOVE Guides makes it easy for companies to move their employees around the world. Their Talent Mobility Cloud solution is the first in the market to bring cloud technology and services together to deliver end-to-end mobility program management in more than 200 locations and in 100 currencies. “We really want to help companies to become more successful in how they manage and move global talent.”

Altevie Technologies designs and builds solutions on the SAP platform, focusing on Line of Business HCMwhere they recommend end-to-end solutions for HR core, Talent Management, Recruiting and Learning Management Systems. For more information request a meeting with the social app or through the website with Valentino Girardi, Altevie Technologies’ President.

WorkForce Software delivers cloud-based workforce management solutions for large employers. Used by hundreds of companies globally, their EmpCenter® suite streamlines time & attendance, staff scheduling, absence and leave management, fatigue management, and labour analytics. The result is lower labour and absence-management costs, combined with greater productivity, organisation-wide.

konkconsulting is an innovative software development company, specializing in the design and implementation of processes in the area of Human Resources, with a focus on Recruiting, Administration, Process & Forms, Employee/Manager self-service, Talent Management, Appraisals, Compensation Review using SAP HCM and Tax Equalization.

IntraWorlds’ end-to-end talent relationship management platform empowers enterprises to source, engage, and nurture interpersonal relationships with external talents (candidates, talent, alumni) throughout the career life cycle. “We help companies to systematically stay connected and engaged with talent – from school to retirement. A holistic view of talent management – and not a purely transaction-based – results in an extremely valuable talent pool for talent acquisition, (employer) branding and business development” says Jens Bender, Managing Director at IntraWorlds. The team (stand 205) “want to inspire the participants but also want to get inspired by speakers as other vendors.”

Textkernel specialises in semantic recruitment technology offering multi-lingual CV & job parsing and semantic search, sourcing and matching software. This innovative technology speeds up the recruitment process and enhances the candidate experience by making it easy for candidates to find and apply for jobs on any (mobile) device. See Kim Pieschel on stand 607 for more.

OrgVue (Stand 104) is a leading solution for HR analytics, organisation design and workforce planning. OrgVue gives you faster, better insights by consolidating and visualising data from multiple sources and modelling scenarios to plan sustainable change. OrgVue is revolutionising the way organisations improve performance, every day. Find out how technology can enable you to achieve what you didn’t think was possible. That collecting, analysing and modelling data need not be boring, scary or time consuming.

The inside track – some cool things to see and do

Oracle’s Andy Campbell is running a panel session on the main stage on day 1 based on research conducted with LSE Masters students about millennials – in true inclusive fashion, two of the students will be joining Andy on the stage. Post your questions to #OracleAndyAsks and make sure you head over to Stand 301, for demos, social media profile photo photographers, magicians and a book signing with Peter Hinssen. First 300 books are on Oracle!

Listen to Siddhesh Bhobe (Labs & Executive Briefings Day 1) who will run a fun-filled, hands-on workshop that provides clear, actionable takeaways to every attendee and prove that gamification is no longer just a hype by showing a social gamified appraisal system, in an organization with over 8000 employees worldwide. Also on Stand 101 http://emee.co.in/HRTech.html

Catch the Workforce Software EmpCentre demo with David Borkin (Day 1) on cloud technology that simplifies your most complex workforce rules and practices that helps staff do more, faster, by accelerating critical functions like time, scheduling, and leave management. Or say hello to Marcello Sambartolo, UK (& EMEA) Country Marketing Manager on Stand 208

Charge your phone at the Phone Charging Tower whilst Marie-Claire Poitras, Managing Director Europe shows how VidCruiter can map out and improve your recruitment process

Aasonn is a global provider of HR Strategy, Technology & Outsourcing, designing cloud and hybrid cloud based solutions with deep HR strategy and HR transformations expertise. Their integrated process and ongoing support services have helped customers thrive for almost 10 years. Meet the team at Stand 606.

Visit Paulo Martins, CEO konkconsulting Stand 109 to see their Training Planner – the product that will help companies to better plan their training courses on the short, medium and long term.

See advances in the PageUp (Stand 407) Unified Talent Management solution, especially within their Recruitment, Performance Management and Learning modules.

To get a better understanding of the Candidate Experience in the UK, take part in textKernel’s Candidate Experience Survey: bit.ly/CandExUK.

OrgVue want to hear from you! What problems do you really need to solve – pop along to their stand to share your data concerns.