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Cofinitive’s CSR Challenge

In business, as in life, what you do for and with others can be very impactful. Whether you’re negotiating a deal or collaborating on a project such as this blog post, a little good will goes a long way. At Cofinitive, albeit we’re only human (until AI start applying for jobs) and get carried away with work sometimes, we try to be mindful of the most important assets. People.

The Cofinitive office is our CSR (corporate social responsibility) zone, with painted white walls to keep the environment light even when the British weather thinks otherwise, a hula-hoop that matches our sofa and a snack box full of various delicious, and health-conscious, goodies. Amongst the various industry textbooks available for our self-development, we do try to look after ourselves and each other too.

Instead of striving for a mythical work-life balance, in our opinion, we prefer to see work as an integral part of life. Work isn’t the enemy and we should do our best to make it positive and enjoyable.

Yet despite our optimistic approach, we know we can do better. Cofinitive and many organisations have the potential to further actively engage with our corporate social responsibility. It is one thing to tend to our work wellness, but it’s entirely different once you start to think beyond the brick walls of the office.

In discussing the topic of CSR, we reflected on our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Although we do take reasonably good care of our work wellness, you can find our latest endeavour with our work experience student here, we would like to take our efforts up a gear.

So we’re calling upon you, yes you, reader, to help us. Cofinitive is looking to participate in a team charity day, a morale-boosting team-building impactful opportunity to do some good. If you know of, or are running anything that might fit the bill, please get in touch! Tweet us @Cofinitive and let’s make a difference together.

Better yet, let’s do this for Cambridge Children’s Charity Week and get them involved too! The Cambridge Children’s Charity Week is 3rd – 11th June, but you can help Cambridge’s children’s charities any time of the year. #FootstepsOfTheFuture

The blog post also features on the Cambridge Children’s Charity Week website here.