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Digital networking – How to make the most of attending events

We are all busy people and taking time out for a conference or networking event costs us time away from our ‘day job’. So, if you do make the time to attend an event, here are some ways to make the most digital impact from your time away from your desk.

Prepare in advance – follow the organisers and any of the keynote speakers or panellists announced in advance. Find out if there is an event hashtag, post to let people know you are attending and what you are looking forward to.

Engage on the day – post your thoughts, questions and photos throughout the event and ensure you use the event hashtag.

Connect live – when you meet people find them on Twitter or LinkedIn while you chat. They’ll be able to confirm that you’ve found the right person and they are more likely to follow you back at the same time.

Follow up – post notes to people on social media. Let them know it was great to meet them, and virtually introduce them to people of interest. Then follow up with a DM or email to arrange a coffee.

Always use the event hashtag, and if it is part of a bigger day, then be sure to use the national or global hashtag as well, this will increase your impressions and help other attendees find you.

A few digital changes can really maximise the impact of your networking time, have you tried any of these tips? What worked best for you?

By Nicky Shepard – if you’d like to speak about how live events can help your business, do get in touch.