We are about engaging all walks of life and impacting the many


We are inclusive, always.

We encourage inclusivity, cohesion and diversity in all that we do.

The Cofinitive team is inclusive. We encourage inclusivity, cohesion and diversity in all that we do. You’ll regularly hear the team questioning why panels have no females on them, or why citizen groups do not represent the different generations in our communities. We remind people that diversity can deliver better results if people engage with it. All of this results in inclusive communication strategies for our clients and their clients.

Our team all actively contribute to the Pay It Forward community and look for ways to create community cohesion through the projects they work on. Find out more in our inclusion blog.

Do you want to transform your company culture and feel the benefits of engaging with diversity?


Are you a fellow D&I champion? Do you want to make a difference and need a like-minded team to help?

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"Inclusion has become a buzzword. Everyone claims to promote and support it. Very few actually do. The Cofinitive approach has inclusion in its DNA. I think that’s why you’ve delivered such incredible results to businesses so quickly."

- Roger Gorman, Davos and White House speaker, Founder and CEO, ProFinda