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Golden Girls Against Cancer (#GGAC)

UPDATE: The Golden Girls Against Cancer have reached their £8,000 target but they’re not stopping there!

CAMBRIDGE (30 July 2018)

Six of Cambridge’s most influential female figures came together as the Golden Girls Against Cancer (#GGAC) ran, marched and shaved to raise money for cancer charities.

Cindy Forde (Planetari), Jane Galvin (HSBC), Faye Holland (Cofinitive) and Soraya Jones (Invested Investor) completed a relay run around Cambridge city on Sunday that culminated in a final solidarity 2km march around Parkers Piece with Jane Paterson-Todd (Cambridge Ahead) too, who recently won the Norwich Sprint Triathlon in her category to aid this fundraising effort.

The Golden Girls also includes Harriet Fear (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority) who, after participating in the final march, sat down to have her head shaved as they completed their relay around Cambridge.

The Golden Girls Against Cancer initiative was set up to make a positive contribution to the fight against cancer despite the devastating affect it has on people’s lives, as some of the Golden Girls have personally experienced. As charities that have supported the Golden Girls, the fundraising is for Maggie’s Wallace in Cambridge and Stand Up To Cancer.

The Golden Girls are grateful for the support they have received so far, particularly from David and Wendy Braben who enabled the women to make a bigger impact with Golden Girls Against Cancer t-shirts and promotional materials, as well as Ian James who provided amenities outside the University Arms Hotel on Sunday. But the Golden Girls haven’t finished just yet. You can still donate to the Golden Girls Against Cancer here https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/GoldenGirlsAgainstCancer2 and help them raise as much as they can.

The donations page is being kept open until 30th August 2018.



Harriet Fear, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

“I have wanted to do something significant for a long while for cancer charities, having witnessed close friends deal incredibly bravely with the disease. When my lovely friends and I started talking about doing something together, I was delighted as I knew that the impact of our collective collaboration, knitted together by huge mutual respect and drive, would be significant.”

Cindy Forde, Planetari

“My mum died of cancer a year ago. She so much appreciated the care she had around her, as did all the family. So when my fabulous friends asked me to be part of this intrepid plan there was only one possible answer. The support from all our communities has been amazing. Heartfelt thanks to everyone for showing that working together makes all the difference!”

Jane Galvin, HSBC

“We are all at an age where we are living with friends and colleagues being diagnosed with cancer. In the last 12 months I have lost too many friends. We have chosen to challenge ourselves to help fundraise and make a difference. We all need more research and that means more money to fund it. Thanks goodness for the couch to 5k NHS programme!”

Faye Holland, Cofinitive

“Every individual is affected by cancer, if not themselves then those closest to them. I can see no better way of supporting our families and friends than by collaborating with such a wonderful group of women and we are so humbled by everyone’s continued support.”

Soraya Jones, Invested Investor

“My husband and I had cancer at about the same time in late 2016 and we were grateful for the support of our friends and family, and also the Maggie’s Centre which was amazing in supporting us both physically and emotionally! We always wanted to give something back when we felt better and when this lovely group of friends said they wanted to do the same thing, we thought we would be more effective working as a team and would have a greater impact for the two cancer charities we are supporting.”

Jane Paterson-Todd, Cambridge Ahead

“We all have been touched in some personal way by the horror of cancer. The helplessness is to some degree reduced by taking on challenges and raising money for those charities dedicated to finding cures or supporting those living with cancer. Doing this with friends makes it all the more worthwhile.”



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