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My brief experience at Cofinitive

I can’t think of a work experience placement that could have benefited me more.


My fleeting time at cofinitive has given me insight into a blossoming company, I have learnt so much more than branding, communications, engagement and strategies. Although these are predominant when working in marketing; Cofinitive has given me much more – a wider perspective of the business and working community. 

When asked what the most influential lesson I learnt during this short placement, I would have to say it is the importance of building relationships. Cofinitive has taught me a foundation of trust is necessary when forming relationships, no matter what job I intend to go into in the future. I have learnt that strong relationships with a diversified amount of people opens doors, and when opened, these doors lead to opportunities and often success. 

Cofinitive has widened my perspective of my local city, Cambridge. How innovation and start-up companies are shaping the development of Cambridge was, and still is, a new world to me. This also showed me just how influential marketing is in shaping the business and technology community, that is thriving in Cambridge.

Cofinitive tasked me with writing social media posts which, to be honest, I’m very used to! However, this task lead me to think about how to intrigue the audience I needed to reach whilst giving a clear and thoughtful message. Not to mention in some cases the message had to be under 280 characters! This gave me insight on how to communicate with a particular audience, but also felt as though I achieved something good when I saw the posts go live.

I need to take time to talk about the people at Cofinitive. Each of these women are striving for equality in a male based industry. Not only do they advocate for this right, but display it from every ounce of the work they produce. Each woman here is dedicated to their job, and passionate about what they do. Stimulated through Faye Holland, who is ‘gaga’ about achieving the best work possible, she enhances productivity through working to her colleague’s strengths. This not only builds the business but keeps every one involved and interested in what they love. This amazing bunch of women have inspired me to follow the path I want, no matter the obstacles that might stop me. 

I can’t think of a work experience placement that could have benefited me more. Thank you to Cofinitive for showing me how a company should operate, and the happiness that a good working environment can bring.  


Lydia Cornwell