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My time at Cofinitive – Manon’s blog

During my time here, Cofinitive has given me many, many fond memories to look back on but it has also given confidence and skills that have become invaluable to me

When I first started at Cofinitive as a work experience student (freshly turned 17), I thought a week of real office work would be an interesting experience as I was anxious about what work environments were like. It was a truly eye-opening experience that saw me work on real, live projects. I learned skills that I had never come across in the classroom and this excited me to push myself more. Cofinitive’s founder and director, Faye Holland, was incredibly supportive and inspirational in my week of work experience; so much so that when it came to Friday, I asked Faye if I could get any more experience with Cofinitive. And so I started working 9 to 5.30, Mondays to Fridays for 6 weeks. As the summer drew to a close, so did my work experience. Then I was offered a one-year, paid internship at Cofinitive, I was over the moon and accepted the position.

I grew more and more confident and fast in my skills as I worked. I produced many infographics for different companies and it was incredibly rewarding when I saw them used on social media. It was tiny things like this that showed my work was actually very important. The Cofinitive team has always been very supportive and invited my opinions to make projects better and it was this behaviour that made it very easy to become friends with my co-workers and boss.

As time went on I had larger projects to handle, which taught me how to face challenges for the future. I handled campaigns such as #GGAC, a fundraiser for Stand up to Cancer and Maggie’s Centre Cambridge. For this project I created templates for t-shirts, banners and posters (which I had never done before). This challenged what I knew and I had to improvise on how to best create these unique templates.

Another highlight was #OnetoWatch. In the beginning, I was asked to design a logo for the campaign which is still being today across social media. When another work experience student came in, they also designed some graphics for #OnetoWatch but when they left, more infographics were needed. I had to compose graphics to the theme that the student had come up with, which was challenging because I had to go into their work to pick out certain colours and fonts.

Other projects have included producing a variety of videos for different companies’ YouTube channels. For one company, Impact Women’s Network I created a video on events that they had run, as well as a montage video on what the organisation was about. I even directed and produced a video for Cofinitive which was an office tour. I also took over the Cofinitive Instagram account.

Let’s not forget the personal element though. When it was my 18th birthday the Cofinitive team threw me a secret birthday party. They heavily decorated the office with colourful ribbons and balloons, bought cakes and had a present waiting for me on my desk. I loved the day and so did everyone else.

Soon the time came for me to apply to university so Faye and Gabrielle (my co-worker) encouraged me to create a portfolio of all my work to take to interviews. The first interview I had was with my first choice (Anglia Ruskin University). After the interview, within a few days, they got back to me and gave me an unconditional offer for Digital Media. I believe this was all down to the fact that Faye and Gabrielle pushed me to create the portfolio. I believe that I would not have got the unconditional offer, if I did not have the experience that I do.

Now I am 18 and I’m heading out into the wide world, leaving not just Cofinitive but also home as I move into my student accommodation. I will be learning new things and discovering exciting obstacles that will push me even further. I will always remember Cofinitive as very happy, challenging and amazing place. I would not change it for the world.

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