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#OnetoWatch The ‘Things’

We’re hunting out the people and companies that deserve a place on their respective #OnetoWatch lists. But for many it’s their invention, product or development – their ‘thing’ – in their field of expertise that has made them a #OnetoWatch.

A leader of innovation, the Cambridge Phenomenon has earned its impressive name. From pacemakers to potatoes, as science and technology has evolved we’ve marvelled at the products that people and companies create.

There are those who push the boundaries of technology and those who identify unique applications for its use. Our region is a melting pot of these two types of innovators, which shows in the vast array of ‘things’ that deserve to be on this #OnetoWatch list.

What ‘things’ do you see as markers of innovation? These are the #OnetoWatch THINGS list (in alphabetical order) with those shortlisted in 2019 identified:

Activinsights Wearables for Health and Wellbeing SHORTLISTED
AI:MMO – Ocado Technology (Code for Life)
• Algorithm to detect arthritis – University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering
An alginate gel that ‘hibernates’ cells – Atelerix
ARIC Platform – Featurespace
• Behavioural analytics to inform semiconductors – Ultrasoc
Cambridge LaunchpadForm the Future
• Cancer screening as an employee benefit – Check4Cancer
• Capture and replay program execution – Undo
• Collaborating on an open standard IoT technology with the Weightless SIG
• Computer assisted dreaming – Futurizon Ltd
• DNA gene delivery – Avacta Group
• Drone surveillance – University of Cambridge
Elektron Eye Technology
• Environmental DNA or eDNA – NatureMetrics
• The FAIMS microchip – Owlstone Medical
Fingerprint drug testingIntelligent Fingerprinting
• Flex-grid networking – ROADMap SHORTLISTED
• Food sharing app – OLIO
• Gene-editing drugs exclusively for cancer cells – Sixfold
• ‘Giving Points’ for Cambridge Street Aid – Cambridge.gov
GO! Water bottleWater-to-Go
Hybrid ventilation systems – Breathing Buildings
• Increasing success of early stage start-ups by sharing entrepreneurial and investment war stories-Invested Investor
MR for remote maintenance and repair of aircrafts – Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
• Musical AI – Jukedeck
• Network united in raising the public visibility of impactful women – Impact Women’s Network
Ooho the edible water bottle – Skipping Rocks Lab
• A unique social enterprise Overstream CleanWintercomfort
Pebal the technology-based intervention that reduces problems during menopause – Cambridge Consultants
Plastic semiconductor nanostructures developed by Scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge
A portable device that heals chronic wounds – Inotec AMD ltd
Pyrolysis Process the only method of recycling aluminium laminates – Enval
• Quantum communications – Quantum Communications Hub
Reusable beeswax food wrapsBeeBeeWraps SHORTLISTED
Samsung AI Centre
• Slabs that convert footsteps into electrical power – Pavegen
• Sensors as thin as hair – Sorex Sensors SHORTLISTED
Speedo On – Cambridge Design Partnership
Solar windowsPolysolar
Strawberry-picking robot – Dogtooth Technologies SHORTLISTED
• Synthetic biology for dyeing fabric – Colorifix SHORTLISTED
• Transforming the White Board with Kaptivo
• Unique self-injectors – Ovalmedical
• Venture support programme that helps tech-for-good startups and entrepreneurs innovate and grow – Allia
• Visual agriculture data management – AGRIinsight
• Investor-led equity platform by Syndicate Room
• Leading the global market in connected street lighting and Smart City applications from Telensa
• …

Should your ‘thing’ be on this list too?

The entries for 2019 are now closed, but feel free to get the 2020 list started by completing the form or tell u via OnetoWatch@cofinitive.com or @Cofinitive #OnetoWatch