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#21toWatch creator/cofinitive founder Faye Holland named in prestigious ‘Most Influential Women in UK Tech’ 2020 list

#21toWatch creator Faye Holland has been included in the prestigious ‘Most Influential Women In UK Tech’ 2020 list, which is compiled annually by Computer Weekly magazine.

Faye – who is the founder of Cambridge-based PR & Communications company, cofinitive – started the #21toWatch campaign and Awards two years ago specifically to highlight the lesser-known but outstanding emerging talent within our region’s booming Science and Tech industries; those that really deserve recognition, funding and support because what they are doing is truly ground-breaking.

To date the campaign has showcased over 400 emerging tech start-ups and cofinitive is proud to make the list freely available to assist these companies on their growth journey – firmly cementing Faye’s position as a continuing key influencer within the industry.

In addition to #21toWatch, Faye has a respected position in the Tech space – locally in Cambridge, in the UK and internationally – following a 25-plus career in the industry, working in and with both large corporates and emerging start-ups.

This year’s ‘Most Influential Women in UK Tech’ 2020 list also includes a number of prominent Cambridge-based ‘women in tech’ including Poppy Gustafsson, CEO, Darktrace; Carrie Anne Philbin, director of education, Raspberry Pi Foundation; Catherine Breslin, director/solutions architect, Cobalt Speech & Language; and new entrants Ting Zhang, Director and co-founder of Crayfish.io, and Sylvia Lu, head of cellular technology strategy, u-blox.

Speaking about her inclusion in the ‘Most Influential Women in UK Tech’ 2020 listing, Faye – who also made last year’s list – said: “It is an honour to continue to be included in this list amongst so many amazing women, setting standards and evolving the face of UK Tech, and paving the way for a generation of younger women in tech to follow.

“Cambridge is universally recognised as the UK’s centre for Science, Technology and Innovation and so it’s vital that we see Cambridge Women in Tech featuring on this list.”