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Cofinitive Announcement – Press Release


LONDON (9th January 2015) —

Following two decades of executive experience, Cofinitive has been founded to deliver original corporate initiatives and help promote transformational change to companies locally and internationally. Founder & Director Faye Holland is a strong commercial leader working initially with entrepreneurial business at the first internet company in the UK (PIPEX), to a large global corporate (IBM) where she facilitated numerous emerging business opportunities. More recently her roles have borne a unique network around the globe.

“Having built a strong reputation across many industries I wanted to change the way I, and my clients worked. The idea behind the name Cofinitive reflects this. It demonstrates something ‘definitive’, and with the ‘Co’ prefix it eludes to our focus on co-operation and working together for great business results. Something definitive is both reliable and complete and that is what my clients will get working with Cofinitive” says Faye.

She adds “I am proud to have led a variety of significant assignments over my career. I am not confined by industry, culture or international boundaries. My expertise traverses multiple industries such as Internet, wireless, technology, emerging/start-ups, Human Resources, talent and Corporate Social Responsibility. My experience extends to cultural challenges of international business allowing me to direct projects from diverse backgrounds and starting points. I am most excited about being able to bring this expertise back to the local market and assist the East of England to build on its footprint as a local, international and global player’.

The business portfolio will be structured into 3 areas: –

  1. Interim management offering expertise in
    • Strategy & Transformation
    • Implementation & Project Execution
    • Marketing & Communications
  2. Non-Executive Directorship
    • see announcement of role as Non-Executive Director at Suffolk-based Greener Growth Community Interest Company
  3. Recommendations Network including
    • ProFinda – the next generation of internet collaboration
    • Chamonix Hard Cross – fundraising and leadership development
    • Big Think Edge – the learning & development tool of the future
    • Jamil Qureshi – performance enhancing international speaker

A positive side effect having worked globally and on a variety of projects means that Cofinitive can call upon a phenomenal network of like-minded companies and individuals to add value to its clients.

But the company isn’t all that is motivating Faye at the moment “I am passionate about work life balance (which in reality there isn’t one – it’s just having and adhering to a set of priorities) and I am keen as Cofinitive grows to be an advocate of inclusive work environments. I am personally fascinated with the dynamics of multi-generational workforces as our ‘world of work’ enters an interesting new sphere with 4 (some may argue 5) generations in the workforce. I also am an advocate of the F-Bomb (the new world of feminism) – women in business and how we present ourselves and I have no doubt that I will have opportunities to share this message broadly through the new business”.


Cofinitive is based in Cambridge, UK and focuses on the professional B2B marketplace internationally. It offers a different way of thinking for businesses providing interim management services, non-executive directorships and a select recommendations network. Clients range from a variety of sectors and geographies including Tech Firms/ start-ups, HR Service providers and Tech/ Consultancy Providers. The company was founded by Faye Holland and will offer the portfolio of offerings by similarly minded professionals to deliver services as appropriate.

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