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Cofinitive also accepts clients with names starting with letters other than C!

In three years of trading, Cofinitive has been nominated for numerous awards and has also been recognised as a top ‘image maker’ in the region.

Exponential growth has continued and in the first quarter of 2018, the majority of their new clients’ names have started with the letter “C” including Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP), Camrosh, and Crayfish.io to name a few. Founder Faye Holland commented,

“We have a very unique approach which is certainly being recognised with the level of interest we are receiving from new clients. It has been a crazy first quarter, and has also become a bit of a marvel that over 80% of our new clients’ company name all start with a C. We just thought we’d let businesses know that we are also very happy to work with clients whose company name starts with other letters in the alphabet too!”

Cofinitive has clients with both local and global footprints based in Cambridge, across the UK and globally. Nicky Shepard, Account Manager at Cofinitive says,

“Part of my role is developing ongoing relationships with our clients – we value inclusivity so if your company name starts a number, or with “C” don’t worry, we are still happy to help.”

Cofinitive specialise in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement. Find out more by talking to us today.