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Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces

Impact Women’s Network accelerates as Cambridge Women’s Forum joins forces to maximise women’s impact in Cambridge.

In 2017, there were more men named David (8) and Stephen (7) leading FTSE 100 boards than women (6).[1] In Cambridge there are a number of networks dedicated to helping women get ahead in business. Two of those networks, Impact Women’s Network and Cambridge Women’s Forum are merging in order to maximise the impact of women in Cambridge.

Founded by a partnership between Barclays and Mills and Reeve, Cambridge Women’s Forum is a networking group which aims to gain insight from senior leaders and to meet and build relationships with inspirational women from the eastern region. Anna MacDonald, from Barclays said of the merger,

We’re absolutely delighted to be joining up with Impact Women.  By combining our energies and resources we hope to inspire women, far and wide, to flourish, thrive and excel in their chosen careers.

Impact Women’s Network, founded by Shima Barakat and Faye Holland is a network of professional women united in raising the public visibility of impactful women and instigating even greater change together. The group has experienced excellent growth since its launch in Autumn 2017 with #ImpactWednesday face-to-face meetings and #ImpactChat twitter chats. Faye Holland, co-founder of Impact Women’s Network and founder of Cofinitive,

People know that running a successful network takes work, we are delighted that Cambridge Women’s Forum have agreed to join with Impact Women’s Network.

Shima added

We would value hearing from other network owners who would like to combine forces in order to help women maximise their impact.


Impact Women’s Network meets on the first Wednesday of the month, May’s meeting will focus on Women on Boards and start at 9:30am on 2nd May.   Sign up via this online form for more information about future events  https://t.co/I6J2OKwPoJ

[1] http://fortune.com/2017/08/04/ftse-100-ceo-pay-women/