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Cofinitive Communications Clinic @ The Bradfield Centre

We are pleased to be offering a Communications Clinic as part of The Bradfield Centre’s ‘Office Hours’ programme offering companies access to some expert advice, in this case Communications. So what can you ask? Whatever you like really, but here are some ideas to get you thinking…

  • Do your comms need some (re)direction?
  • Maybe you’re looking to foster better engagement – with employees, customers or communities?
  • Are you just doing so much that you need a trusted extra pair of hands?
  • Is your external presence (website, social media) doing little more than gathering dust?

Running the clinic is Faye Holland, director of corporate communications consultancy Cofinitive and one of Cambridge’s Most Influential Business People. So whether you’re starting out, scaling up or an established corporate business, Faye brings decades of international expertise in branding, strategy, marketing communications and engagement, so call in at the Cofinitive Clinic and pick Faye’s brain!

Slots will be available for the monthly sessions in the atrium at The Bradfield Centre, during which you can share your marketing woes and start turning them into wins.

Are your “pants on fire”? That’s a good thing, but we can tell you more about that when you call in at Cofinitive.

Sessions will be on the last Wednesday of the month. Dates are:

31st January – 28th February – 28th March – 25th April – 30th May – 27th June

Please book using Calendly at https://calendly.com/faye-holland/cofinitive-communications-clinic/01-31-2018 Appointments are for 30 minutes but if you need a little longer book 2 slots!