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SelfStir sought out Cofinitive for communications

Corporate communications consultancy Cofinitive caught the eye of SelfStir, provider of an accessible and user-friendly 360 feedback and development platform, so much so that they chose Cofinitive to be their external communications team.

Cofinitive appeared on SelfStir’s radar after their recent work with start-up companies in the HR Tech space through the HR Tech World Start Up Competition. In interviewing, blogging about and publicising on social media, Cofinitive took these start-up companies and elevated their voice and profiles on the HR circuit.

As a HR Tech organisation delivering 360 degree feedback and self-development tools to employees from the top to bottom of companies, this is just what SelfStir was looking for. SelfStir empowers individuals to lead their own L&D by facilitating the feedback process and providing the tools to develop skills and abilities, whether that’s for personal development or leadership development. On a larger scale, businesses can use the data to develop teams and organisational competencies too.

“I was very impressed when I came across Cofinitive and am confident they’ll be able to effectively deliver our message” said SelfStir co-founder Diana Seyouri “We wanted an outsourced communications team we could trust to manage our message while we focus on developing our platform for individuals and businesses.”

Cofinitive founder Faye Holland said “We’re pleased to be working with SelfStir, as a holistic and values-driven organisation we admire their mission to make 360 degree feedback development available to everyone. SelfStir really wants to help both individuals and businesses and we want to help them do it.”


Businesses all share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where Cofinitive comes in. We are a corporate communications consultancy based in Cambridge, working with clients locally, nationally and globally. We specialise in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement. www.cofinitive.com


SelfStir offers a platform for 360 feedback as a method of performance review and personal development that provides both employees and managers with a wider range of perspectives which support everything from personal and career development to team and organisational development. SelfStir also facilitates the development of key competencies including leadership. www.selfstir.com/