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disruptHR – Innovation is where it’s at!

The disruptHR competition and programme (HR Tech World Congress 27-28th October 2015, Paris) is young, dynamic and energy charged, representing the next generation of entrepreneurs who will shape the HR industry in Europe and beyond.

Contestants in the competition will not only have to prove how unique their product is, but also engage the judges and audience in a Dragon’s Den style discussion on why they deserve to win and wear the title of the Best HR Tech Start-up of 2015. So to get them started, I interviewed 16 of the participants (the others are listed below) to find out more about who they are, what they do, and what we can expect to see from them – follow the links to the full interviews…

2-Create (Quercus) – is a cloud based software for companies that enables fast & easy feedback among employees.


Bond Weaver

Cabaana – is a cloud based solution that is designed to keep your employees engaged. It is an employee directory, a company news board, a collaboration portal with secure direct messaging capability, an instant employee appreciation tool and much more.

Clinch – applies proven inbound marketing techniques to recruiting, helping turn anonymous visitors into candidates, and candidates into hires.

Clustree – reveals all the potential of your employees with a unique analysis of worldwide professional pathways. It’s a Talent management solution dedicated to internal mobility.

Firminside – increases the engagement between the right candidates and companies with a new approach. Everything happens via videos and pictures, including the introduction to the company culture.


Goodwords – is the fastest and easiest way for HR pros to get independent and smart candidate references.


HROnBoard – is a cloud based employee onboarding software that helps you create, send and manage job offers for your new hires. Extend your brand and culture to new hires. Engage employees from day zero to prepare them for day one.

i-Cube – offers a complete range of capabilities to help companies develop and execute effective EDM (Employee Data Management) initiatives.

Includeed – enables you to assess your D&I Management against Best Practices and react in real-time. Discover the impact on your HR value chain and on your overall performance, and celebrate your successes and overcome your gaps to unleash your full human potential.

Klaxoon – is a collection of great ideas that facilitate interactivity within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messaging and much more.

Praditus (interviewed by the HR Tech team)

Skeeled – is developing a complex distributed algorithm capable of cross relating skills, personality, job requirements and working environment. They provide quality matches for recruiters and job seekers.

SoftFactors – Interviewed by fellow blogger René Bolier


Teambay – have re-invented employee satisfaction surveys. They engage your staff safely, obtain invaluable, honest feedback, and summarize it in actionable reports right to you.

Visocon – is the innovative answer to your communication needs in a globally connected world. Whether in a one-to-one video-call, a video-meeting or a webinar: use the full potential of communication and collaboration across distances and benefit from a scalable and future-proof solution.


Wellevue – is a corporate game for improving organisational performance, offered as a SaaS solution to top employers aiming at improving employee engagement, business performance or amplifying their corporate culture. It is the leading social enterprise tool for improving organizational performance.

Workometry – is a sophisticated, machine-learning based solution to create actionable insight from thousands of text comments in real time, replacing long, boring employee surveys with short, timely opportunities to capture real employee feedback.

WPA – is an international software solution delivering analytical insight to managers, designers and consultants that work in the area of work & workplace consulting. They are recognised as a global leader when it comes to delivering in-depth organizational dynamics to improve ways of working.

The list above doesn’t include everyone who is disrupting the HR Tech marketplace by any means. Over my years in the industry I have seen many innovative companies take part in competitions around the globe, not least including the HRO Today iTalent competition and Bill Boorman’s #Tru events. For me, some of the more notable companies in recent years have included Pando (Aspen Advisors)GooodJobJoberateProFindaRolePoint. And yes, for this competition I certainly have my favourites too (but mum’s the word)!!

So for the past winners, this year’s competitors and those who are yet to emerge, good luck to you all!