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My Valuable Week at Cofinitive

I couldn’t wait for my opportunity to work for a week at Cofinitive, as after a School of Marketing event at Saatchi and Saatchi, I was driven to want to experience working in the communications and marketing sector. My excitement was heightened on arrival, as I was immediately informed that they don’t believe in creating ‘make believe’ projects as such, but would rather I help directly to contribute to their current projects. This gave me exciting first-hand experience of working alongside passionate women, who form a thriving team of communication experts. 

I was tasked with a variety of activities during my week; my first challenge was to research the ethics of deep-tech companies in preparation for a blog post. I thoroughly enjoyed researching the topic, having previously had little knowledge on the subject of deep-tech. Cofinitive have a diverse range of clients, and delving into learning about different areas of expertise appeals to me hugely. Through having the opportunity to push my knowledge and write a blog post on this specific subject, I learnt the importance of adapting your writing style to suit your audience. This is essential in the communications sector, as you want to present your ideas clearly, and also stimulate your target audience. 

Writing is a passion of mine I want to push further, and I was very thankful to have been given the opportunity to write content with them. As I worked on this, I was positively guided with the expertise from the Cofinitive team to edit and adjust the post. This experience was particularly valuable to me, due to how I have my own blog, and I will carry the constructive criticism with me to apply it to my personal writing. After the post went live, I furthered my social media skills by writing and scheduling future social media posts using Hootsuite. This gave me an appreciation as to how much planning goes into communicating every single project. 

Another exciting research subject matter I dived into was surrounding the topic of employee engagement. I was slightly in the dark about how much social media is used in the world of business and how effective it is – my eyes have been opened! I used Twitter and LinkedIn to explore what was going on in regards to employee engagement, and I compiled a document of potential research that can be responded to. 

As well as in social media, I also witnessed how significant networking is in person, when I travelled to a meeting alongside a Cofinitive team member. This showed me the efforts Cofinitive are always putting in, in order to push their web of connections and create even more opportunities for their company to grow and succeed. 

I am currently working on a competition project for the Festival of Marketing taking place in October in London, and working at Cofinitive gave me the chance to freely discuss, develop and push my ideas with women who have expertise in marketing and communications. 

It was inspiring to work with people who so obviously carry the values of the company at the heart of everything they’re working on, and I am so grateful to them for having me!

Emma Littlewood