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My eye-opening work experience at cofinitive

I only spent a week at cofinitve but the lessons and knowledge I leave with will last a life time. Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the women at cofinitive for welcoming me with open arms and giving me an unforgettable experience. My eyes have been opened to the amount of work that goes into each project, no matter the shape or size.

Often people overlook the amount of effort that goes in to developing the perfect logo, mission statement or website. However, over the 5 days I spent here I saw the raw determination and relentless effort for perfection and consistency that makes cofinitive a leader in the marketing and communications sector.

During my week’s work experience I was given multiple tasks, that covered all aspects of cofinitive’s operations. Early in the week I was tasked with researching the appropriate recipients for a client’s event invitations. This activity taught me the importance of understanding your audience. I now understand that it is a requirement in marketing and communications to wholly understand your audience when writing materials, for both internal and external use. Ignoring this area can leave you communicating with the wrong people or giving the wrong message, creating more and bigger problems further into the project.  Although not the most creative or exciting aspect of this sector, researching in to your audience is overly crucial, otherwise all other efforts are counterproductive.

Later on I was creating materials for another client’s event. This was particular interesting for me as I had also been tasked with coming up with the concept for the events branding. I then created the documents needed for the event using the branding I had created. Using my own branding on these documents was a highlight as it was the creative aspect I enjoyed partnered with the deeper understanding of knowing your audience I have gained the previous day.  I saw the degree of which brand consistency is necessary, whilst giving the appropriate information, and how key this was for good brand management and smooth event management.

I am leaving cofinitive with a deeper understanding of communications and how necessary it is for companies to be consistent and detailed with their communications both within their business, and to their customers. Working with these women has been truly inspirational; both for my own personal growth and future career goals. The incredible environment and people at cofinitive have only spurred me forward to follow, what it now, definitely a goal in marketing and communications.

Katherine Hills