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The next phase of your business: 3 ways you can easily prepare now

We are living in unprecedented times Coronavirus, Covid-19, lockdown, self-isolation: these are words most of us have never even heard of, never mind articulated before There are no words to properly express the devastation, confusion and general nightmare of what’s happening around us now –... Read More

Business etiquette: To hug or not to hug, is that the question?

My name’s Manon Raja, I’m 19 and I’m proud to be cofinitive’s lone millennial/Gen Z  But I also want to share how I’m completely baffled by the older generation’s social Ps & Qs – or rather, what’s known as ‘business etiquette culture’ To hug or not to hug And I’m not... Read More

Cofinitive shortlisted in 30th Anniversary Business Weekly Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the upcoming Business Weekly Awards The shortlist has listed us as “a growing team of communications experts based in Cambridge with a strong reputation for co-creating impactful communications programmes with clients locally,... Read More

Good Corporate Communication is like a Good Haircut?

Or How to go from ‘Me too’ to ‘So you’ … I was sitting in front of the mirror at my hairdresser’s last week, reflecting, as you do when faced with your own face - and I had this epiphany: a good haircut is not so different to good corporate communications So, as I’m known for telling... Read More

#21toWatch Announcement Postponed

cofinitive regrets to announce that the #21toWatch Top212020 Awards – due to take place Thursday 5 March 2020 - has been postponed due to health and safety reasons linked to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Our host venue, Arm, has taken a decision to cease all external meetings as a precaution to... Read More

In the week that mobile world congress didn’t happen in Barcelona, could this be the end of the road for massive trade shows?

As fears of international travel continue, this week’s empty halls at Mobile World Congress (MWC), have given rise to the question of the place of massive international trade shows in a post-climate-crisis world Certainly the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak made it impossible... Read More

Top21.2020 Judges and their judging criteria

The #21toWatch shortlist is independently judged by four leading experts representing a range of disciplines For 2020, the judges are Isabel Fox (Luminous Ventures), Tim Robinson (Tech East), Siddhi Trivedi (Entrepreneur) and Bruno Cotta (CJBS Entrepreneurship Centre) who will all assess the... Read More

Shortlist of #21toWatch people, companies and ‘things’ announced

The 2020 shortlist for next month’s coveted #21toWatch Awards includes some of the most daring entrepreneurs and innovations from our region Out of the hundreds of entries received, 207 qualified candidates that made it onto a longlist, which has now been whittled down to a shortlist of 62,... Read More