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Short list published for #OnetoWatch campaign in advance of March unveiling event

For the last 12 months, Cofinitive have been running the #OnetoWatch campaign showcasing the people, companies and ‘things’ on the cutting-edge of innovation and entrepreneurship in Cambridgeshire & across the East of England We set about on a plan to highlight the often lesser-known of... Read More

Our amazing network supporting the #OnetoWatch Campaign

At Cofinitive we strongly believe that supporting our fellow Cambridgeshire (and broader) businesses can only be a good thing This is also a view that is shared by the sponsors and partners of our #OnetoWatch initiative, which aims to shine a light on Cambridge’s next generation of top movers... Read More

Five in five for Cambridge-based Communications Company, Cofinitive

What a way to start our 5th year, being named one of Business Weekly’s Top Image Makers 2019 in their New Year Honours, for the second year running “To be recognised by such an influential publication as Business Weekly, is phenomenal” says Faye Holland, Founder and Director, Cofinitive... Read More

Cofinitive Communications Clinic is back for 2019

Last year The Bradfield Centre launched Office Hours where businesses can receive free advice from experts in their fields to help you take your business to the next level This is continuing into 2019, which means that the Cofinitive Communications Clinic is back The Cofinitive Communications... Read More

Cofinitive is the first new member of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce of 2019

We're pleased to announce that we're the first new member of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce of 2019 As a local company we’re committed to supporting Cambridge business and we strongly believe that being part of a collective voice is good for Cambridge; it’s one of the reasons we... Read More

Sprinkling the Magic Dust that makes Cambridge, Cambridge

Sprinkling the Magic Dust that makes Cambridge, Cambridge At Cofinitive, we are making our contribution to a way of working that helps to keep Cambridge on the national and global technology map Those of you who recently attended Cambridge China Forum 2018 or Cambridge Independent’s Business... Read More

Will you help design the future of our region’s economy?

Will you help design the future of our region's economy The period is now open for you to contribute your ideas to the Digital Sector Strategy We encourage input from all businesses within Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, no matter the size, sector or town This independent strategy aims to... Read More

The attributes of a #OnetoWatch

The attributes of a #OnetoWatch With MedTech start-up: Kalium Diagnostics named #OneToWatch winner at this year’s Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards; it’s time to contemplate the next phase of the Cofinitive-sponsored campaign as they select the region’s Top 21 #OnetoWatch... Read More