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Cofinitive named in SME News 2018 Business Elite Top 50

Cofinitive named in SME News 2018 Business Elite Top 50 As part of its 2018 Business Elite Program, SME News has announced Cofinitive as ‘The UK's Leading Corporate Communications Consultancy - 2018’ The SME News celebrates those enterprises who consistently provide the best services and... Read More

The Lucky 13

Introducing the Cambridge Independent Science & Technology Awards 2018 #OnetoWatch finalists Last week, Cambridge Independent announced the finalists in its Science and Technology Awards 2018 As sponsor of the new #OnetoWatch category, the team here at Cofinitive did not envy them the job of... Read More

My time at Cofinitive – Manon’s blog

During my time here, Cofinitive has given me many, many fond memories to look back on but it has also given confidence and skills that have become invaluable to me When I first started at Cofinitive as a work experience student (freshly turned 17), I thought a week of real office work would be an... Read More

Cofinitive celebrates one year of paying it forward with Impact Women’s Network

As Impact Women’s Network celebrates its first successful year with an “Intensifying Impact” conference on 3rd October, the team at Cofinitive are reflecting on an impactful year of supporting the work of this necessary project Impact Women’s Network, co-founded by Shima Barakat and our... Read More

Cambridge Entrepreneur Celebrated in National Best Business Women Awards

Celebrating the UK’s female entrepreneurs, Best Business Women Awards have announced their 2018 UK finalists and amongst them is Cambridge’s Faye Holland Faye is the founder of award-winning corporate communications consultancy, Cofinitive Cofinitive works with organisations in Cambridge,... Read More

We’re looking for our next proven Account Manager!

As 2018 goes on, we are going from strength to strength and now find ourselves with buckets of work (those pesky clients as our Founder cheekily says)! Which means we are looking for the right person to join us as our company expands People who know us know that we are an articulate chameleon, with... Read More

Will you be a Top 21 #OnetoWatch?

Cofinitive’s #OnetoWatch initiative aims to shine a light on Cambridge’s next generation of top movers and shakers People, companies and the ‘things’ they create are pushing the boundaries of what we do today, leading us into the world of tomorrow; and our #OnetoWatch lists (Companies,... Read More

Why do work experience? Work experience guest post

An integral part of our Cofinitive ethos is being part of the 'Pay it Forward' community and giving back to society One of the ways in which we do this is by taking people on for work experience and internships, because for anyone looking at joining or changing their world of work, hands on... Read More