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Summary: LSCC Autumn 2017 Thought Leadership Series

LSCC holds autumn 2017 thought leadership series

Autumn 2017 saw the LSCC unify its members at its three-part thought leadership series, focussing on AgriTech, digital connectivity and growth space for life sciences and tech. As the UK’s Innovation Corridor, the LSCC has been experiencing continued growth in numerous sectors and in bringing together members from across the region, the LSCC harnessed its strong history of innovation to join up the region’s progressive work.

#LSCCAgri – Technology’s Future in Agriculture
The first event of the series was Technology’s Future in Agriculture, held at the University of Hertfordshire. A good mix of people from academia, business and local authority attended the event and contributed to thought leadership discussions concerning AgriTech and AgriFood’s future in the East of England. Watch this space for a series of thought leadership articles.

#LSCCConnectivity – A Hyper-Connected Region
Following on was A Hyper-Connected Region, which was hosted by the Allia Business Centre in Peterborough. Representatives included councils and business people from Cambridge, Epping Forest and Peterborough who shared their local initiatives and gave inspiration for attendees to ideate how members of the LSCC could work together to improve and progress digital connectivity across the region.

#LSCCGrowth – Delivering Commercial Space for Life Sciences and Tech
The final instalment of the autumn 2017 thought leadership series was Delivering Commercial Space for Life Sciences and Tech, held at The Bradfield Centre on the Cambridge Science Park. Attendees tackled issues surrounding the region’s current and future needs for commercial space. Exploring different perspectives, including those of planners, developers, international businesses and start-ups, the groups shared much to consider regarding to the region’s national and international status.

The LSCC, the UK’s Innovative Corridor, is a pioneering hub of innovation and enterprise where cutting-edge ideas shape our future. In its continuing work on the development of the East of England, the LSCC fosters collaboration across the corridor to make it even more prosperous and successful.

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas, join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags or contact the LSCC directly.

This LSCC series of events was developed and produced by Cofinitive on behalf of the Consortium.