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Living Cofinitive-ly

How the Cofinitive team lives our corporate values

Values are what you do, not what you say you do. This blog provides some insights into how the Cofinitive way of working ensures our people live the values of passion, integrity, clarity and inclusion, and in so doing drive engagement and results for our clients. It ends with a colleague’s description of how it feels to work within our values-driven corporate culture. 

We are values-driven. We believe values are for living – not laminating

Values are to be lived – not laminated. That’s why, even though we’re internal communication and employee engagement specialists, you won’t find motivational posters on our walls shouting ‘be passionate’; ‘have integrity’; ‘give clarity’ and ‘be inclusive’.

Instead, you’ll experience us doing and being all of these things, day in and day out.

Why? Because our values are our compass. They influence our decisions and guide what we do. They guide who we recruit, whom we choose to work with, and how we work, think and communicate.

“Our values are our compass – they guide our actions”

In this blog we share a little more about our values and we link to some Cofinitive success stories that illustrate how we live them.

We are passionate: passion guides our actions and our decisions

Cofinitive people are passionate people. We love what we do. We love working with clients who have a specific project, programme or initiative to achieve and show a real desire to succeed within their organisation.

In fact, as you’ll read in our Pants On Fire blog, we actively seek clients, partners and colleagues to work with whose pants are on fire. By this, we mean individuals and organisation who have the drive necessary to succeed.

We are trustworthy. We act with integrity, always

Cofinitive values integrity – you can rely on us. We do what we say we’re going to do and we encourage our clients to do so too. Indeed, we are known for our integrity, which is why we are trusted to partner incognito on many high profile, confidential projects.

Internally, we call these our Secret Squirrel projects. You can find out more about in our Secret Squirrel blog. Of course, we can’t tell you much about our Secret Squirrels, they’re top secret, but we can tell you why we are trusted to deliver.

We are clarity hunters: we seek the specific and communicate it with simplicity

Cofinitive is crazy about clarity. We’re crystal clear in all our communications. We’re passionate about the need for such clarity and will not settle until we’ve achieved it.

In fact, we’ve developed a ‘One-Voice’ approach to create a culture of clarity, ensuring all communications are on message, in tone and able to withstand the increasing pressures of social media and citizenship journalism. You can read about how our commitment to clarity in our blog ‘The Clarity Hunters’ .

We are inclusive: we encourage inclusivity, cohesion and diversity

The Cofinitive team is inclusive, always. We encourage inclusivity, cohesion and diversity in all we do. You’ll regularly hear the team questioning why panels have no females on them, or why citizen groups do not represent the different generations in our communities. We remind people that diversity can deliver better results if people engage with it. All of this results in inclusive communication strategies for our clients and their clients.

Our team all actively contribute to the Pay-It-Forward community and look for ways to create community cohesion through all the projects we work on. Read more in our We Are Inclusive, Always blog. ‎

So there you have it – a summary of the values that drive us. We leave the last word to Gabrielle, who, as she approaches her first year anniversary working with Cofinitive, describes how it feels to work for a values-driven organisation:

“Cofinitive’s values run through everything the team does. Whether it’s with a client or growing internally, the Cofinitive team seeks and draws out people who share their values. Being part of Cofinitive, where my values are shared, energises my work, making it easy to try my best every day. When you’re in sync with the organisation’s values, you automatically put a lot of effort into your work because it means all the more to you.”

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