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More breaks means less time wasted

No matter your industry, whether that’s tech, communications, medical, finance and beyond, there’s a push to do more with less and to work harder for longer. This will, of course, vary within and between organisations, teams and job roles, but many of us will work without sustained breaks. Is this actually good for us and our work day?

The answer is a definite no! A lack of breaks—real breaks—makes us less productive and has a negative impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health. It’s especially poignant for those in office jobs who sit for long periods, and those in jobs with repetitive motions, which can create muscle, joint, and nerve pain. Don’t forget, your brain is a muscle too. It needs relief from whatever it’s doing to recharge and rethink.

So what’s the impact on our workforce? This graphic explains it. We’re warning you, it’s very long.

Could breaks mean less time wasted at work
ORIGINAL SOURCE CREDIT: https://www.quill.com/blog/workplace-culture/could-breaks-real-breaks-mean-less-wasted-time-at-work.html?cm_mmc=NEW_Infographic