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Are your pants on fire?

Why passion is worth a thousand KPIs

So, were their pants on fire?” is the all-important question we’ll ask once a colleague returns to the Cofinitive hub after meeting a potential client. What we mean is “Did they show passion; do they have the burning desire to succeed?; is there a sense of urgency?” We know that those who did (and still do) make the best clients, you see.

In this blog, we share how we spot the perfect projects and partners; how we help them – and each other – to manage passion in a positive way (passion, as Shakespeare relished teaching us, can be a double-edged sword) and why we value passion more than some other more measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) when considering what we work on, who with, and even who to employ.

So how do we spot passion?

It’s hard to give an A, B, C for spotting passion; when you have decades of experience and a team who get it – you just know it when you see it.

There is generally an initial stakeholder whose proverbial pants are on fire about a specific issue. And then, when you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear there are other stakeholders who want the project to succeed too – they just need taking on a journey of action.

You can also smoke passionate people out by asking focused questions. We have a set of question designed to establish if potential clients want innovative communication solutions, to execute transformation or change-management strategies (our business as usual) or whether they just want the same-old-same-old project management steps (their business as usual). If we find they need the latter, we know they don’t need Cofinitive. So we recommend an alternative provider from our network.

“If you want to make positive change happen – whether by changing a corporate culture, rebranding, running a series of thought leadership events, or addressing a big issue such as diversity and inclusion, passion is worth so much more than process in the long run. And we’ve got it in bucket loads.”
Faye Holland, Founder, Cofinitive.

How do we manage passion in a positive way?

‘But passion can be overwhelming and derail well-intended projects with SMART goals,’ you may be thinking.

True. We’ve all seen enthusiasm ultimately amount to nothing but noise.

Not so with Cofinitive onboard. We have decades of experience in helping individuals, teams and organisations harness passion and deliver positive outcomes. And that is the key: aligning passion to outcomes.

We do this by articulating goals in ways that make them meaningful to the people who are intended to achieve them. We turn goals into actions that people aren’t only prepared to get out of bed for (whoever got out of bed for a KPI?), but actually can’t wait to do!

Why do we value passion so much?

Passion is what puts a spring in our step. We simply can’t imagine it being any other way. It isn’t just clients’ pants that need to be on fire – ours do too.

And history speaks for itself. By following passion we’ve grown from a team of one to a team of seven in just two years, been shortlisted for numerous awards, and delivered a continuous stream of impactful projects for a fascinatingly diverse range of passionate clients.

Do you have a communication or engagement project you need turning around quickly, by people who understand the urgency and feel the passion?

Are your pants on fire?

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