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We do secret squirrel projects

Got a top-secret communication programme you need an outsider’s perspective and help on? Here’s why you can trust Cofinitive…

‘Living our values’ is a matter of integrity for Cofinitive people, which is lucky as integrity is one of the values we esteem and, perhaps, the value that leads to others placing their highly confidential projects with us. But what is integrity? What does it look like in action? And what sorts of projects might call for our integrity-led approach?

Ever heard a company admit to having no integrity? No – thought not. It would be confusing if you did though don’t you think? The act of admitting to lack of integrity (‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’: Oxford Dictionaries) does, in itself have integrity.

What is integrity?

Dig a bit deeper though, look for the root of the word and a broader meaning becomes apparent: integrity stems form the Latin word ‘integer’, which means whole or complete.

We would say that integrity is the inner sense of “wholeness” derived from consistently acting in a way that is aligned to your values. It means following your ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching.

If you work with us, this is what you can expect.

What does integrity look like in action?

Here are three behaviours we encourage Cofinitive people to practice to ensure we act with integrity at all times:

  1. We take responsibility to put things right when they go wrong – and support others to do so too.
  2. We’re always learning, never complacent. When things go right, we ask: “What went right? What specifically went right? What do we need to keep doing more of to ensure we repeat this success?” When things go wrong we ask: “What went wrong? What specifically went wrong? What do we need to do differently to ensure this never happens again?”
  3. We only accept work that sits comfortably with our values. We do not accept work that represents a conflict of interest with another client.

What sort of projects might call for our integrity-led approach?

If you have any particularly sensitive projects, requiring confidential handling, projects that internally we classify as Secret Squirrels, then we could definitely be your team!

Such projects could be almost anything. Here’s a short list of previous and current Secret Squirrel Projects to give you an idea:

  • Change management programmes: whether scaling up, scaling down, changing direction, merging or acquiring, we can help
  • Community engagement programmes: whether ‘creating trust’ or ‘giving back’ is your key driver, we can help
  • Crisis management programmes: big or small, reactive or proactive, we can help …

Got a Secret Squirrel project you want to scope?

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