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The collaborative element of HR Tech

Technology brings improvement (or disruption) into play in so many parts of our lives and within HR it is no different. Whether mainstream HR providers or entrepreneurial start-ups there are a plethora of offerings in the global market today solving a variety of human resource requirements. So when you look at a conference like HR Tech Europe you would likely believe it’s going to be all about the technology, for HR. Having taken a look at this spring’s London agenda I’m encouraged to see that a number of the speakers are talking about the importance of working together enabled and not led by technology.

Peter Hinssen is ‘obsessed’ with networks as the most fundamental driver of progress. Lee Bryant believes social networks are the organising principle of the current era. Rachel Botsman is focussed on the power of working together in collaboration. And you know that I often rant about technology is just a tool – it’s people that make the difference.

So feeling inspired about the agenda here are my collaborative ideas to consider in working together as HR builds out their 2015 tech plans.

  • What are you solving– whatever you do it has to solve a problem or it’s just a nice-to-have (and who’s got time for that!). There are so many innovative solutions and applications out there but focus on getting what you really need now not what you think you might want in the future
  • Analytics ‘It’s not rocket science’ alert– the primary use of HR technology should be to improve HR – not jump on a reporting bandwagon. Core analytics is an output of a well thought through HRIS /IT/Tech system. Get the first bit right and then work out what you need to make it predictive!
  • It’s not just recruitment – L&D, retention and employee engagement are now firmly back on the agenda. What are you doing to involve and keep your talent and how does that fit into your tech development plan? Oh and be prepared for the impending workplace version of TripAdvisor-style feedback or it’ll come back to bite you
  • Internalise the communications– keep talking to the rest of the business and integrate where you can rather than making technology a HR stand-alone. And make sure (thanks Jen Wright at Citi) someone has their ‘pants-on-fire’ to make the project happen at board level
  • Are you being inclusive– your next technology decision and the adoption of it will further highlight the multi-generational workforce challenges we face today so you must fully consider this in your plan to ensure all parts of the workforce are included and active.

Why not come and join the discussion at HRTechEurope London, 24-25th March 2015 and cover either base – the technology and/ or the human element. As part of the blog community I have a limited number of tickets for corporate HR decision makers, just DM me and I’ll send you a code.