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‘The Beatles’ help celebrate launch of Cofinitive

As I think about my journey to start Cofinitive I am humbled by the help and mentorship I have received. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people publicly. But thank you notes can be somewhat on the dull side – we’ve all seen enough acceptance speeches to last a lifetime! So in the spirit of doing things differently (and having a little fun) here is one that has been inspired by a little group called The Beatles because they were memorable in creating something new that changed the world and this reminded me of another group of amazing people who have been instrumental in the creation of Cofinitive.

So we have Come Together to celebrate Today….

Starting a new business takes a real hard day’s night and is a daunting Magical Mystery Tour but Brett Lloyd Payne, Ed Kerr, Paul Linthwaite, Ingrid Richardson and Julia Tilson, who are all Free as a Bird Interim Day Trippers, said to me Listen, Do you want to know a secret? And gave me some Help when I needed it.

Richard Crespin, Vince Albergato and Cynthia Lawton – said In spite of all the danger, it was time to breakout of the Octopus’ Garden and get free of the Chains. These ex- colleagues were no fool on the hill and provided great ideas and support.

Roger Gorman was Flying with ideas Helter Skelter style, giving me the professional belief this was my reality and my Strawberry fields for ever. Nick Robeson gave me the Ticket to ride with interim headhunter advice, while Charbak Bhattachargee told me it won’t be long now and spent yesterday getting to grips with the yellow submarine of creative objectives.

Paul Smith and Jackie Cooper, experts in navigating Cambridge networking said we can work it out and helped me with a whole array of How do you do it random questions. Chris Jenkins-Powell helped make my website Here, There and Everywhere with his Google know-how.

And to those people who spent time believing in me and my business concept before I even got off the ground: Don’t ever change – From the Paperback writer to the Taxman: – Elizabeth Boudrie, Alex Till, Damien Stork, Sarah Burnett, Adam Bleifeld, Jamil Qureshi, Seb Haire, Margaret Spink, Brian Leeming, Joannah Metcalfe – I want to tell you your support and mentorship, being part of the recommendations network or as clients of Cofinitive, I am certainly Glad all over.

Personally – I thank Gary and Albi for helping me select everything – Searchin for music, images, logo, colours, words – because it was a truly inclusive exercise. And as per any good acceptance speech, I have to thank my mum (Aint she sweet) and dad, for thinking I‘ve got to get you into my life and bringing me into this world….Your mother should know!

And to everyone else who I have forgotten to mention as I end with my red tails in the sunset disappearing with grace and elegance on the long and winding road that is before me – I Shout, THANK YOU!

It’s not just a rumour ……

It’s because of all of you that Here comes the sun….. by Faye Holland

Cofinitive is based in Cambridge, UK and focuses on the professional B2B marketplace internationally. It offers a different way of thinking for businesses providing interim management servicesnon-executive directorships and a select recommendations network. Clients range from a variety of sectors and geographies including Tech Firms/ start-ups, HR Service providers and Tech/ Consultancy Providers. The company was founded by Faye Holland and will offer the portfolio of offerings by similarly minded professionals to deliver services as appropriate.