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My top 10 disruptHR’ers at HR Tech World Congress

In the run up to HR Tech World Congress I have had the pleasure of assessing and interviewing the disruptHR technology competition entries. Each of these companies have developed videos, written briefs and answered an array of questions and one thing is for sure – their enthusiasm for what they are doing is contagious.

Sure some of them have work to do to differentiate their offering in a very busy marketplace, but they are, in their own way – rocking the space and that can only be a good thing. We have a payroll company intending to take on the big boys and girls, we have a couple of companies bringing CRM to recruitment, and my goodness we have a couple of true disrupters this time round. You can read all the articles (all 26 of them!) on the HRN blog.

The finalists for the competition have been announced and congratulations go to HeadstartIntervyoPeakonSoAmpli and Tandem HR Solutions. Now anyone who knows me will know I am no shrinking violet so of course I also have an opinion, and there are two that I think are offering real disruption (not just a way of solving the same problem differently) but to keep things interesting I’m going to share with you my Top 10, in alphabetical order, trying not to show any bias whatsoever!! :-

Beamery – approaching recruitment like customer acquisition

Candidate ID – identifying candidates on the move, and cleaning that ATS!

Firstbird – freemium and self-setup employee referral scheme

Headstart – matching graduates to employees based on suitability rather than qualification

Intervyo – automated interview simulation system, that predicts job suitability

Peakon – people analytics platform for employee engagement

PulseTip – a quick fix solution for blue-collar employee engagement

SoAmpli – turning your employees into social media advocates

SOMA Analytics – digital health and wellbeing to beat stress

talentwunder – calculating how likely someone is to switch

If you’re attending the event, do make sure you take some time to go over to the disruptHR area and be inspired! If not, then contact details can be found on all my interview posts and make sure you follow updates on twitter using #disruptHR.

Good luck disrupters!