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Top 21 #OnetoWatch recognition reflects the range of innovation across the East of England

We are delighted to announce the Top 21 who were recognised at the inaugural event hosted at The Bradfield Centre on Thursday 7th March 2019. The award recognises the Cambridgeshire and East of England people, companies, and the ‘things’ that they create that are setting the standards in innovation and entrepreneurship across the globe.

The awards were presented during an invitation-only event where the winners had the opportunity to speak to a hand-selected audience of investors, professional services, entrepreneurs, developers and other relevant businesses.

Cofinitive’s founder Faye Holland said “The inaugural event is the culmination of a year-long campaign and the criteria we set for inclusion was pretty tough: each submission had to demonstrate a set of attributes: Innovation; Challenge; Influence; Viability; and Memorability, and the shortlist was judged by an independent panel. What all our winners have in common is the stuff of entrepreneurial dreams – a bright future”.

Here are the details of the Top 21


#OnetoWatch entrant


Agrimetrics has the data and data capabilities to inspire game-changing solutions to drive sustainable productivity for the agrifood sector


Chiraz is CEO and co-founder of CorrosionRADAR – an entrepreneur passionate about innovation, and the CorrosionRADAR’s game-changing solution for Corrosion monitoring which is a key enabler for the industry’s shift to smart infrastructure


A decision intelligence company making aircraft maintenance and flight operations smarter and more profitable


Repositive is accelerating personalised cancer treatments to the clinic by connecting biopharma with the right preclinical models to advance their research


Alex’s research focuses on developing low-cost methods of identifying bacterial contamination for use in low resource settings. He is CEO of WaterScope


Developing a revolutionary dyeing process to help dramatically reduce the textile industry’s environmental impact using a synthetic biology based approach


Cambridge Glycoscience specialises in the manufacture of novel functional food ingredients to improve the aesthetic and nutritional quality of manufactured foods


Mireia is a particle physicist interested in interdisciplinary research and the diplomatic dimension of science; currently working on predictive models of cancer treatment at CRUK


A novel approach to delivering graphene technologies to the point of use overcoming prior difficulties and with true commercial viability


Aiming to make minimal access surgery available to all in order to improve patient outcomes and deliver value for healthcare providers


A leading neural engineering startup, creating the open standard hardware and software interface between the human nervous system and AI


Adelina is a geek who loves enabling tech founders decode how to gain engagement and support for and inside their business


A remote condition monitoring solution for industrial assets such as motors, pumps and generators, providing early warning of equipment failure


Toby is co-founder and CEO of Simprints. He is passionate about bringing cutting-edge technology to solve challenges in global health


A cancer liquid biopsy startup aiming to detect tumours non-invasively during consultation via its quantum biology diagnostics platform and device


Developing cost effective, self-calibrating, low maintenance pH sensors, cutting operating costs by 70% compared to today’s systems


A novel mass sensor which has distinct advantages over existing sensors including its mass sensitivity, extremely small size (about the same as a human hair in diameter) and incredibly low power requirement


Using data, cloud computing and AI to improve patient outcomes in image-guided surgery using a ground-breaking surgical guidance system


Emily has been at the helm of marketing for Darktrace since the company’s start in 2013, taking it all the way to unicorn status


Flex-grid networking using software to allocate network bandwidth according to fluctuating demand


Using VEGF alternative splicing, Exonate is developing eyedrop treatment for Age Related Macular Degeneration



To find out more about the #OnetoWatch campaign visit www.cofinitive.com/onetowatch