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Why do work experience? Work experience guest post

An integral part of our Cofinitive ethos is being part of the ‘Pay it Forward’ community and giving back to society. One of the ways in which we do this is by taking people on for work experience and internships, because for anyone looking at joining or changing their world of work, hands on experience is vital. As such, all of our work experience participants are encouraged to produce a blog inspired by their time with us, to help refine their skills and ultimately help get their voice heard. After spending a week with us, this is what Milou Ottolini produced.

Why do work Experience?

Before I begun work experience an office job seemed a daunting place to be. I never really considered working in an office as the stereotypes I had was that an office job was repetitive and dull. I was set on doing something more active, something that always changes. Working at Cofinitive has completely changed my ideas of what an office job can be. At Cofinitive I have not only learnt things from the tasks I’ve done but also from the workplace. Here is what I’ve learn and some tips I have:

In the workplace:

  • Be open minded: Although you may think the job it’s not for you, you could be surprised. Even if you end up not enjoying it the skills you learn will be valuable.
  • Independence: It’s important to have your own ideas and follow what you think is right. Continuously asking questions won’t help you, making mistakes is the only way to learn and improve.
  • Ask questions: It’s equally important to accept when you need to ask for advice or help.
  • Work doesn’t have to be repetitive: Working at an office can be extremely diverse, one project has so many different angles that need to be considered.
  • Have fun: Don’t be afraid to have conversations, check social media or just stretch your legs. You don’t have to keep your head down and work all the time.
  • Manners: Offering drinks or food to others is so important and you will be respected more for it. Make an active effort to be kind and polite, it makes an office environment so much more pleasant.
  • Others: Choosing somewhere to work can be hard. Consider how well the job suits you but also how well you get along with people that work there. It will make starting out there less daunting and you’ll enjoy it more.

From the work set:

  • Being able to adapt: You might begin slow, that’s fine. The ability to pick up the work quickly and improve is an important skill to have. Don’t give up.
  • Contact information: Make it easy for people to find key information so they can contact you. Emails, Twitter, LinkedIn etc should all be easy to find with a quick google search.
  • Emails: Writing an email takes time and thought. Think about how to grab their attention, the easiest way to relay essential information and knowing when to be assertive or polite.
  • Social media posts: Social media images are most successful when carefully designed. It should be simplistic and stylish to grab people’s attention and have the keyword, phrase etc on it to intrigue people. From there they can find out more information on your website etc or below the post.
  • Consistency: Being consistent with your companies’ tone and vision is so important. When working on a project with other people discuss the visions you have so that you can have a united tone. This way every email, post etc with seem coherent and as if one person is behind the whole campaign. However, don’t be afraid to change the vision as a company to keep interest up.

As you can see you can learn so much from work experience and I want to say a big thank you to Cofinitive for allowing me to pick up these skills by working with them for a week. The experience was extremely valuable, enjoyable and I learnt more skills for later life here than I expected, especially in such a short space of time. I encourage you to do work experience to pick up valuable skills and understand business life.

Milou Ottolini wrote this blog while completing work experience at Cofinitive.

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