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Will you be a Top 21 #OnetoWatch?

Cofinitive’s #OnetoWatch initiative aims to shine a light on Cambridge’s next generation of top movers and shakers.

People, companies and the ‘things’ they create are pushing the boundaries of what we do today, leading us into the world of tomorrow; and our #OnetoWatch lists (Companies, People, Things) are gaining momentum as we showcase the region’s future talent, innovation and entrepreneurship.

But what does it mean to be a #OnetoWatch?

Firstly, to kick-start the campaign, we partnered with local newspaper, Cambridge Independent, to introduce a new category to their Science and Technology awards. This year, in addition to the likes of CEO and AI Company of the Year, companies were able to apply for the Cambridge Independent The One to Watch award*.

But #OnetoWatch didn’t stopping there. Over a 12-month period, we have been uncovering and showcasing more of our region’s Ones to Watch on our blog and promoting them across a variety of media channels.

The initiative will culminate in the publication of the Top 21 #OnetoWatch people, companies and ‘things’ that we acknowledge as shaping the future of their industries based on a defined set of attributes.

The Top 21 #OnetoWatch will be announced at an invitation-only event on 7th March 2019, where each of the Top 21 #OnetoWatch will receive a bespoke accolade to mark their recognition. This will be the inaugural, annual platform from which the Top 21 #OnetoWatch have the chance to maximise their exposure as up and coming innovators, whether that’s across social media, membership groups, with investors and stakeholders, or in the press.

To join the Cofinitive #OnetoWatch master lists and be in the running to become a 2019 Top 21 #OnetoWatch, all you need to do is get in touch! Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email about yourself, your company and/or your ‘thing’ and why you think you’re a #OnetoWatch. Or in true Cambridge-style, feel free to nominate others too. The deadline for 2019 is now closed, but feel free to submit for 2020!