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Standing out in the midst of GDPR at Cofinitive

Original post: 01/05/2018
Updated post: 27/06/2018

You must have had your head in the sand to have missed all the chatter about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and no doubt your inbox was more annoying than ever with boundless requests to update your preferences.

We did wonder whether GDPR will be like Y2K (for those who remember), but at Cofinitive we believe in straight talking and saying things as they are. There is no doubt GDPR is the biggest change in data protection laws and marketing in 20 years. So we faced it head on.

Cofinitive didn’t have a database before (we know!) instead growing organically, but with GDPR we grabbed the chance with both hands. We reached out to our network, adding to inboxes as we went and seized the opportunity that GDPR offers. For any business, the success of your communications depends on your ability to get yourself heard – by the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

While much of the world faced GDPR with a groan, we were determined to make a positive impact with it. If we were to reach out to people like never before, it had to be for something great. We turned GDPR into Good Deed Per Response and pledged to donate 10p for everyone who updated their communications preferences with us (which they did here).

Our chosen charity? We donated to the efforts of the Golden Girls Against Cancer #GGAC, a group of “golden girls” you might recognise in and around Cambridge who are taking a stand against cancer. See more about what they’re doing here. With so many of you taking part, we donated a total of £170.

And it seems that in the midst of GDPR overload, our campaign stood out amongst the rest as featured in Matt Gooding’s column in the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Member magazine – thank you both!

Matt article Connected - Cambs Chamber Commerce

Our GDPR push may be over, but feel free to find out more about what we do here and while you’re at it, visit the #GGAC donations page and continue to support the fight against cancer.