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Time for a comms checkup? Come to the Cofinitive Clinic

Now more than ever businesses need to constantly evolve to keep up with the changing demands of the market, irrespective of which market your business appeals to, and doing this while running a business is challenging.

Juggling day-to-day activities with business development, teams often overlook the need to reflect on and review what they’re actually doing, compared to what they think they’re doing. And how can you communicate what a business does if it’s changed?

It might be that you can see how the business has evolved but you’re not sure how to show it, whether that’s through branding or stakeholder and employee engagement. Do your comms reflect the current business strategy? And is it being used properly in executing that strategy?

It’s only when we stop and take count of what’s happening that we can see the full picture and share it effectively and strategically, while maintaining clarity in the messaging and integrity in the brand.

That’s the opportunity we offer at the Cofinitive Communications Clinic. We sit down with companies (start-up, well-established and anywhere in-between!) and help guide them through any comms questions they have. In past clinics we’ve covered areas such as social media, PR and networking, but our expertise goes far beyond that.

The Cofinitive Communications Clinic sessions are on the last Wednesday of the month, making the next clinic dates:

27th June – 25th July – 29th August – 26th September – 31st October – 28th November

Book a slot or two via https://calendly.com/faye-holland/cofinitive-communications-clinic/ to get your 1-2-1 session with Cofinitive and brush up on your business comms.