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Cofinitive selected to launch Impact Women’s Network

Cofinitive, a Cambridge-based corporate communications consultancy, was selected to launch Impact Women’s Network, a group for female entrepreneurs united in raising the public visibility of impactful women and instigating even greater change together.

Impact Women’s Network brings entrepreneurial women together in the celebration of their ongoing success, which they continue to build as members share experiences and expertise with one another. The motivation behind Impact Women’s Network is to further drive collaboration between women, through which they can be even more impactful. Shima Bakarat, founder of Impact Women’s Network, said,

“The launch was a great step forward for Impact Women’s Network. Our identify and the new platforms developed by Cofinitive will enable us to reach out to more entrepreneurial women and develop the diversity of our roster of skills, experiences and industries.”

Celebrated as a finalist for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year award and, more recently, one of Cambridge’s Most Influential Business People, Faye Holland was the ideal champion of women’s success to execute the creative and communications elements of the Impact Women’s Network launch. Faye said,

“The team and I are pleased to be part of the Impact Women’s Network initiative. As an organisation championing values close to Cofinitive’s heart, we felt the passion behind Impact Women’s Network and wanted to do it justice in taking the next step with them.”

Follow Impact Women’s Network on their journey as they come together as skilled entrepreneurial females and develop as a strong collaborative community of success. You’ll find them on Twitter @ImpactWN and on their website impactwomensnetwork.co.uk.


Businesses all share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where Cofinitive comes in. We are a corporate communications consultancy based in Cambridge, working with clients locally, nationally and globally. We specialise in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement. www.cofinitive.com


Impact Women’s Network highlights the impact that professional women are already having, as well as creating opportunities for more and greater impact to be realized collectively, beyond individuals and individual organisations. Impact Women’s Network brings together enterprising women from all sectors who want to do things differently. www.impactwomensnetwork.co.uk


Faye Holland, Founder & Director, Cofinitive Ltd


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