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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

While everyone is indulging in chocolate breakfasts as they open windows on their advent calendars, we’re looking back at the past year and sharing tasty morsels with you from 2019.

Travel with us on our journey of self-reflection as we share what we have learnt and achieved this year. In the spirit of giving our chosen charity this year is Break Charity, the partner charity for Cows about Cambridge, which makes life better for vulnerable children and young people across East Anglia.

Make sure you stop by each day as we update the #CofinitiveAdvent and count down until the big day. Seasons Greeting to all!

#CofinitiveAdvent No. 1      We can’t say for sure how the world of work will develop and change in time, so it can be difficult for people, especially the next generations coming into the workforce, to know what opportunities and avenues are available to them. Giving people the chance to experience particular worlds of work is invaluable, so at cofinitive we pride ourselves on offering work experience to people. In 2019 we had the pleasure of Emma and Katherine visiting us.
#CofinitiveAdvent No.  2 The UK’s productivity has flatlined since the economic downturn in 2008. According to the ONS, this is unprecedented in the post-war era and has come to be referred to as the UK’s ‘productivity puzzle’. There is no consensus on the reasons for it but one thing is clear; it’s the major economic issue of our age. For #CofinitiveAdvent no. 2 we today bring leaders, experts and individuals together at the first @EngageEast network meeting to debate the role of #EmployeeEngagement in boosting productivity in the East of England. https://bit.ly/37PorIO
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 3 Following our inaugural one to watch awards and event in March this year, many on our list (not just the Top21) went on to achieve great things including additional investment, new clients, key board directors and a variety of other opportunities. We run this campaign to elevate some of the lesser known organisations so that they have the opportunity to rise the ranks even faster. Will you be on the #21toWatch list in 2020?
#CofinitiveAdvent No. 4 It’s been fantastic to see the impact that our creative branding, messaging and PR/media communications work has had for our client Crayfish.io, the innovative online platform dedicated to enabling better engagement with China. Over the last six months, the company has enjoyed more than 21 individual pieces of national, international and local press coverage, featuring on the BBC (TV and radio), CGTN, Cambridge 105 radio and in the Daily Telegraph, South China Morning Star, China Daily, Business Leader magazine, Business Weekly, Cambridge Independent and Cambridge News.
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 5 We were delighted to make Business Weekly’s 2019 New Year Honours “Image-Makers” List for the second year running! Up from 8th place in 2018, we are also credited as the fastest riser! We remain a collaborative player and always will be – and have enjoyed working closely with many other diverse providers both on and off the list.
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 6 Our pro bono client, Impact Women’s Network now boasts a network of 800+ female professionals united in raising the public visibility of impactful women and instigating even greater change together, beyond individuals and individual organisations. cofinitive organises and runs their monthly #ImpactWednesday session meet-ups and annual conferences where challenging the status quo, inter-generational communication, breaking glass ceilings and flying off glass cliffs are just some of the issues we tackle together!
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 7 Congratulations to … US as we picked up yet another award this year, this time for ‘Best Use Of Content’ (for our work for client SmithsonHill) at the prestigious CIPR Anglia, Thames and Chiltern PRide Awards 2019! And we were also finalists in two other categories: ‘Best Regional Campaign’ for our #OnetoWatch campaign as well as ‘Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy’. Not bad for a company only in it’s 5th year!
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 8 We are excited to be a members of the Advisory Board for Cows About Cambridge, one of the most exciting projects to hit Cambridge in a long time! The arts engagement trail, which will take place next year, will cut across business, education, community and engagement There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and be involved! And watch this space, there’s more to follow in 2020….
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 9 The multi-talented cofinitive team has the experience and diversity to offer our clients a variety of ways to promote, engage and amplify their individual voices. This year, we focused on working in Westminster on behalf of a client – organising, running and promoting a highly successful series of All Party Parliamentary Groups events, which included selecting relevant and captivating speakers to ensure parliamentary interest and engagement. Not a minor challenge to complete!
 #CofinitiveAdvent No. 10 Communication is key. How we communicate contributes to people’s first impression of one another, setting the tone for future collaborations, relationships and interactions. We work collaboratively with clients to find and amplify their individual voices in ways that engage heads, hearts and minds, in keeping with their identity. And for our local business community, we hold a free marketing/communications clinic at the Bradfield Centre every month which, to date, has helped more than 50 business and individuals.
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