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Creating ‘one–voice’ for Camrosh

CAMBRIDGE (2nd March 2018) –

Camrosh engaged with Cofinitive, having seen the work the team did on the new Impact Women’s Network branding and communications, and decided that they too wanted to enlist the help of the Cofinitive team.

Camrosh, the strategy consultancy enabling businesses to innovate and grow by taking informed action, now in its third year, has helped many companies from its position at the forefront of innovation and technology.

While they recognised their need to review messaging, Camrosh knew it could turn to Cofinitive as a trusted business partner to take care of both the messaging and execution. So they could continue focussing on what they do best, supporting businesses in the face of uncertainty and allowing them to thrive.

Camrosh founder Pantea Lotfian said, “Cofinitive has been a great help in reframing our message and refining our company voice. We have come a long way in three years, so revisiting how we articulate our company mission, services and approach was a necessary step as we look forward to another three years of successful growth and development”.

Working with Camrosh’s incumbent web designer, Cofinitive also turned its attention to Camrosh’s website, giving the current framework an update to reflect Camrosh’s revitalised company voice.

But what good would this new tone be if it wasn’t shared? Camrosh needed its new messaging and updated style rolling out across its online presence, and with their “one-voice” approach, Cofinitive smoothly integrated the now reinvigorated Camrosh across all platforms.

Faye Holland, Cofinitive’s director and founder said, “It has been great to work with Camrosh and their incumbent web designer on their evolution. Every project brings with it new challenges and requirements, we’re hugely satisfied with the end result and pleased to have helped Camrosh with our ‘one voice’ approach.”



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Camrosh is a strategy consultancy with a strong background in technology and innovation. We provide business leaders the insight and confidence to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Our Discover – Anticipate – Execute approach enables our clients to explore technologies, markets and opportunities, to anticipate future scenarios, and to make decisions and implement them with confidence. www.camrosh.com


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