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Cofinitive captures the essence of #ConsultingRepurposed with CAP

CAMBRIDGE (5th March 2018) –

The best kept secret of last year, Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP) has been taking business consulting by storm, challenging the status quo, and they needed their branding and image to match.

The agile boutique practice had a strong sense of identity, understanding what it is they offer clients and how they best operate as a team of partners. Fuelled by the passionate “pants on fire” effect that Cofinitive looks for in its clients, it was a natural fit for these two game-changing organisations to collaborate.

CAP Managing Partner, Stephen Warburton said, “We approached Cofinitive knowing what we liked and wanted to say, but it took them, their expertise and creativity to make the vision a reality. I didn’t realise what a difference it could make, but now having such an impactful website, and a cohesive communications strategy, I certainly see it.”

Cofinitive worked with CAP to develop their core messaging, enabling them to articulate their position and services even more effectively than before. Using their “one voice” strategy, Cofinitive was able to unify the partners and implement what, for many, will be the first point of contact – with CAP’s brand and website.

Cofinitive founder Faye Holland added, “It has been great working with Cambridge Advisory Partners on their branding and communications. We love working with clients who don’t settle for the norm and who are dedicated to constantly enhancing and refining their work, and CAP certainly fits the bill.”



Businesses all share the need to communicate effectively – and that’s where Cofinitive comes in. We are a corporate communications consultancy based in Cambridge, working with clients locally, nationally and globally. We specialise in branding, strategy, marketing communication and engagement. www.cofinitive.com



CAP is a boutique practice of highly-experienced consulting partners comfortable with success and accustomed to ensuring clients accelerate business growth and secure market leadership. We are all about creating industry leaders, ensuring our clients achieve significant differentiation and secure unrivalled market leadership, and then driving home that advantage. https://cambridgeap.com/



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